Belle’s Ross River Virus Recovery 08/09/2015

In March 2009 our mare became very ill, legs swollen and stiff, and she could barely walk. She was diagnosed by blood test to have Ross River Virus … a bad case of it.

Our vet said her recovery would likely be 18 months. I contacted Greenpet on the advice of a friend, we had an on-line consultation and placed an order.

While we were waiting for the tonic and supplements to arrive, Belle worsened, and at one point my husband and I talked about euthanising her she was so bad. She developed Stress Founder, and now could not walk at all.

We had to carry feed and water to her. She was on bute daily, but it barely seemed to touch the sides. When the order arrived we immediately started using Equigesic for pain relief…it made a difference right away, and we felt comfortable using it every day rather than the bute.

This was now two weeks later. Within a week Belle started to walk, within a month she was walking around the paddock feeding and watering herself. Within three months we were able to take her off the Equigesic, and within six months she was almost 100%.

It is now April 2010, and Belle is in foal, glowing and healthy! Her baby is due in October. We now use Greenpet supplements as maintenance on all our horses. Our annual vet bill has become almost non-existent. No more foot abscesses, no more virus’ and no more snotty noses!

We thoroughly recommend contacting Greenpet for ANY ailment … I am sure that Belle would not have recovered so well had it not been for the help of Julie and her staff.

Thanks Greenpet … we’ll be in touch with our next order shortly!

Kyla and Andrew Fay … Fernleigh Paint Horse Stud.belle photo 1

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