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Colic is a common disorder that many horse owners will come across at some stage. The condition can be mild or severe enough to cause death. It is an extremely painful condition that usually appears suddenly with the horse pawing the ground, rolling or kicking at the abdomen. There may be flatulence and rumbling noises coming from the bowels.

Some of the most common contributors to colic are~

– Feeding a horse immediately after hard work when the horse is tired and hot. It is best to allow the horse to cool down for a few hours before feeding after a hard workout.

– Drinking too much when hot or too soon after feeding. If your horse has a big drink, then wait for a while before feeding.

– Eating too much rich food or frosted grass.

– Feeding mouldy grain or hay, damp or fermented foods.

– Too much new hay or clover.

– Feeding cold water to a hot horse.

There are many other causes of colic, but generally it is due to something they have eaten. Some horses are more prone to digestive problems than others. Prevention is always better than cure, especially as once a horse has developed colic, they are more likely to have repeated attacks at later stages.

It is imperative that action is taken quickly for colic, so that it does not develop into more serious complications.

Homeopathy can be very effective in treating colic, especially when given in the early stages.

Some of the most common Homeopathic remedies include~

ACONITE -This is best given at the first sign of the condition.

BELLADONNA -This should be given when the horse has a rapid pulse, sweating and hot.

COLOCYNTH -From eating green food. Motions are watery with flatulence and arched back.

NUX VOMICA -If the attack is brought on by eating indigestible food or overeating. Straining to pass dung or urinate. horse lies on it’s side looking uneasy, bending head towards flank or kicking at the ground.

ARNICA – This is always best given as a routine remedy for colic.

COLCHICUM -Distention of the abdomen and rumbling of flatus. Lower parts of the bowel become distended and can be felt on the right side. Horse will tend to remain standing unable to strech out legs.

Often more than one remedy is indicated, and in some cases I will use a combination for faster relief. Natural remedy kits are an excellent idea, so that you have the remedies on hand, as these emergencies usually always occur on weekends or after-hours.

Greenpet has a HOMEOPATHIC COLIC REMEDY which is available for all species.

For information on equine First-Aid kits. To order individual homeopathic remedies, contact us at the address below.

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