Suspected Fractured Pelvis Recovery 24/09/2015

Our 15 year old stock horse developed what we thought was arthritis around 3 months after we purchased him (he had been fully vet checked prior to purchase and passed with flying colors). He was intermittently lame which would come and go randomly and he would often drag his hind feet when walking and struggled walking down steep hills. Flash was a successful show jumper with his previous owner and we eventually had to retire him from jumping a year later as we didn’t want to put any more strain on his joints and he was struggling to lift his legs high enough to clear even small jumps.

One day we came outside to find he could barely walk and assumed he had slipped over as it had been raining a lot, and the vet came out and suspected a fractured pelvis. The vet said that nothing could be done other than to put him on ‘bute’ and stable him for 6 to 12 months or ‘put him down’. We didn’t want to consider the latter so in desperation we contacted Greenpet after a recommendation from a friend. Julie said that Flash’s issue may be due to our grass (I was skeptical at first, but thought we had nothing to lose). We were advised to feed him rhodes grass hay (no lucerne) along with his hard feed and to include special minerals to help his recovery. (Supreme, XtraCal, GrazeEzy and Toxdefy.)

We didn’t expect him to ever fully recover but soon after making the changes (and taking him off all grass), he started making steady progress. We moved him onto a sprayed out track around our boundary so he could move around rather than keeping him locked up, and a within a couple of months he had made a full recovery and was back being ridden again with no signs of lameness. We can’t thank you enough for giving us back our beautiful Boy.

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