Flea Control – Natural Options 08/09/2015

Flea Control – Natural Options are available so you don’t need to poison your animals with chemicals or drugs.

Did you know?

  • An adult flea is capable of consuming 15 times its body weight in blood per day and can lay up to 50 eggs daily. The eggs fall into the animals environment and after 2-12 days hatch into larvae. For the next 8-21 days the larvae feeds on flea feaces and go through 3 more stages of development, ending with the pupa stage.
  • The pupa can lay dormant for 200 days where the eggs first dropped (carpet, car, backyard) and hatch into young fleas in response to vibration caused by the movement of an animal or person.
  • Adult fleas can live for 2 months with no food or up to 8 months with food.
  • As you can see, these pesky little critters are sure cut out for survival, so remember to also treat your dog or cats environment to keep flea numbers under control.
  • All stages of flea life can be killed by heat, so for bedding, rugs, carpets, etc use hot soapy water, high settings on clothes dryers or steam cleaning.

Choose Natural alternatives

Natural treatments can work equally effectively as the chemical products but will require more frequent use than the artificial treatments. It always concerns me when it comes to anything topical that has a warning to avoid contact with the skin yet is supposedly okay to apply to your animal’s skin. (Why is this supposedly okay… I wonder?)

Personally, I do not like to use anything on an animal that is not safe for human skin contact.

Regular grooming and running a flea comb through the coat is a cheap and easy way to catch fleas. Fill a jar with water and add a good splash of vinegar or a few drops of eucalyptus oil and comb through animals fur and tap any fleas into the jar to avoid fleas escaping.

We have found using a non-toxic Flea Trap can help to control flea numbers indoors.

Alternatively, Diatomaceous Earth may be used in the environment and can also be applied externally to animals coat.

Adding natural supplements and feeding a natural diet keeps your animals immune system healthy so they are less likely to suffer from flea allergies, etc.

We also use a special herbal and garlic liquid supplement internally to help reduce fleas naturally.

Feel free to send us an email request for our natural flea control info sheet which has lots of natural options for keeping fleas at bay for dogs and cats.

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