Spooking and Shying Violently

I have been using the whole ProvideIt Plan for over a year now with amazing results and would like to share the experience.

I had searched for the right horse for months and a friend found him in the Eastern States for me and I was assured that he was very quiet and would suit me well. He had come from fairly drought conditions, and he was fine for a short while until my green pasture hit his system.

He then became unmanageable for me, both to handle and ride, shying violently and becoming highly reactive to stimuli in his surroundings. I couldn’t believe it was the horse that was assured to be very quiet and gentle!! He then became very uneven in the front foreleg,so even if I had wanted to sell him I couldn’t have.

After many months, even to the point of giving up altogether, I was put onto the ProvideIt Plan by a friend, Sue, at my local riding club.

I started firstly with the highly absorbable organic magnesium and the toxin binder that doesn’t bind nutrition, which started to yield amazing results. He became more “chilled” and less reactive, that coupled with a huge change in diet (being locked in big yards without green grass) and being given huge amounts of low protein (horse safe) hay, he really turned the corner. He is now the horse I have always wanted, quiet, sensible and sound, a real delight to own and ride.

I credit the ProvideIt Plan, together with the backup information from the company with feed advice and a holistic approach to horse keeping in giving me my perfect horse back!

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