Help with ‘puddle problems’ Urinary Incontinence

Does your dog or cat need help with ‘puddle problems’ Urinary incontinence ? A damp and smelly pet, or a pet who doesn’t quite make it to the litter box or garden can become a frustration, and the constant washing and deodorising can become a burden for the household dealing with the issue.

What Is Urinary Incontinence?

This “leaky” problem is basically the loss of bladder control in your pet. The severity can range from occasional light leakage and dampness, to the point where they can’t hold on to alleviate themselves in the right spot – outside for dogs or in a litter box for cats.

What Causes it?

Urine is prevented from leaking out of the bladder in normal dogs and cats by a band of muscular tissue at the base of the bladder that acts as a valve, that can consciously be controlled. As hormones play a large role in the strength of this muscular tissue, urinary incontinence can be caused by a change in your pet’s hormones. It is more common in female dogs than it is in males, and more common in neutered and spayed dogs than in intact ones. Older pets tend to be more prone to developing this condition again due the change of hormone levels as they age.

Arthritis or a back injury affecting nerves to the bladder can also cause incontinence. Rarely, urinary incontinence can occur in younger animals due to congenital anatomic abnormalities. Visit your Vet to for a thorough diagnosis, and to perhaps distinguish urinary incontinence from inappropriate urination, which is a behavioural problem. Your Vet can also rule out medical conditions, such as a bladder infection or kidney stones.

How Do I Know If My Pet Has Urinary Incontinence?

Here are some signs that your pet may have urinary incontinence:

·         Wet spots where your pet was sleeping or lying down.

·         Stale urine odours from your pet’s hindquarters and the area might be wet.

·         If your house-trained pet is suddenly having accidents.

·         Your pet licks at the genital area and the skin may be irritated.

·         Your pet is constantly dribbling urine while awake and walking around.

·         You might also notice a small squirt of urine when your pet rises from sitting or any other effort that causes the abdomen to tense such as barking, or jumping up.

·         Signs of urine scalding on your pet’s skin.

·         Frequent puddles or urine stains on the carpet.

·         Leaking from your pet when it’s hot and your pet drinks large quantities of water, putting pressure on the bladder.

You might notice wet patches on their bedding or on the pet itself, you might notice they are often damp around the rear end. Even worse, it might develop that they can’t hold on to alleviate themselves in the right place. It’s a frustrating situation for pet owners, who end up constantly washing and cleaning bedding, floors and the pet herself or himself, to protect their skin from irritation and the home from odours.

How Can I Help My Pet?

·         Keep all their bedding dry and clean. Perhaps upgrade their bedding to ensure covers are removable and machine washable, and you might even consider adding a plastic waterproof layer between the cushion and the cover to prevent any odours from penetrating into the cushion as time goes on.

·         Allow your pet free access to fresh clean water.

·         Examine your pet’s genital area for any signs of a skin infection or irritation. Follow-up with your Vet for an examination if needed.

·         Owners of older fur friends should also ensure you encourage your pet to visit their toilet spot or have easy access to the right place more frequently as they age.

·         Mineral, vitamin, and amino acid deficiencies can have a significant effect on the function of the bladder, nerves and muscles, so a wholesome nutritious diet is essential.

·         Use HomeoPet’s Leaks No More – a natural formula helps to strengthen and tighten the urinary tract muscles, assisting to reduce the wet patches or to give the animal more time to reach the right spot for relieving.

Leaks No More from HomeoPet has been formulated by Veterinarians specifically for cat and dog urinary incontinence. It is a safe and side-effect free natural product designed to address this common condition.

Be aware that hormone supplements and traditional pharmaceuticals can help, but often have negative side effects. Some of these include bone marrow depletion, aggression, strokes or cerebral hemorrhages.

Leaks No More is a natural liquid formula that safely and effectively helps with urinary incontinence without unwanted side effects.

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