Equine Herbs Consultation 08/09/2015

“I am just sending this to say a great big thank you to Greenpet for the wonderful advice and service. (Naturopathic consultation) I turned to natural therapies as a last resort to helping my daughters nine year old Australian Pony. Things were looking very grim. A couple of years ago he received a kick to the stifle from our other horse whilst playing. After consultations with the vets without much help – except for them wanting me to spend lots of money on really expensive tests.

Things were going along quite well until he foundered on us in the spring of 2003. It took over four months before he was able to get about, many vet visits and not to much help. He was given “BUTE” for a short time to help him through the first few days. But this was stopped because of the side effects with the stomach.

He lost a lot of weight and was keep restricted this spring, things were looking good until one morning I went out there and he could hardly move. Nobody – Vet or Farrier could put their finger on a problem. As he would just be very stiff on first getting up and then once moving, whilst still having problems could at least get around – and not so obviously in pain. My next step was a Myotherapist, who was a young lady who came for two sessions each of over two hours slowly massaged my ponies very tense and tight muscles. Whilst this was going on we talked about natural feeds and herbs. This prompted me to investigate further via the internet.

This is where I found Greenpet. They have been my life savers. After putting my pony on natural herbs recommended by Julie, we noticed a difference within 48 hours. It has now been six weeks and this pony is running around again as normal as ever. It is still a bit of a mystery as to what was wrong, but we have treated numerous things and it worked. He is still being treated with liquid herbs and I intend to keep him on a maintenance blend to keep things moving along.

I was so impressed with Greenpet’s products, I put our 27 going on 28 year old on a liquid formula, all I can say is he could run in the next Melbourne Cup. He is also back in work because he just feels so good, he had been retired due to arthritis symptoms. The change in him has also been very obvious. He would never want to get down for a roll or to lie as it was difficult to get up. Now he doesn’t mind and gets up and down like a two year old.

My Myotherapist is so impressed she is recommending these product to her other clients.”

M.B. Australia

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