Itchy Skin: What can you do?

Itchy Skin: What can you do? One of the most common questions we get asked is – My dog or cat has itchy skin and its not fleas: What can you do to help?
My horse is scratching on everything until he or she is bleeding and causing injury. Is there anything that can help?

Well, the answer is YES, natural therapies can greatly assist dogs, cats and horses with itchy skin conditions. Skin problems and allergies are becoming increasingly prevalent among domestic animals today and using drugs to relieve the itch is not the answer for long term relief from this distressing condition. It is important to treat the underlying imbalance that has contributed to the animal’s problem rather than trying to suppress the acute symptoms with harsh drugs.

It can be very distressing to see your animals constantly scratching or licking for hours on end and is even more distressing for the animal. It is well worth trying the natural approach for long term relief from itchy skin.

Select from one of the many options below which are aimed at bringing relief from itchy skin for your animals.

For Itchy Horses – Click here

Canine Skin Pack
For only $49.95 this is our most popular complete pack for dogs with skin issues ranging from paw licking/chewing, hot spots, allergies, eczema, dermatitis and more. The information and natural products included in our Canine Skin Pack will help to provide you with the understanding and natural products to help maintain health skin and coat along with improving his/her overall health in the process while avoiding drugs and toxic chemicals.

Itchy Dogs Book
By Julie Massoni (Animal Naturopath)
This book is written by a qualified animal naturopath with over 20 years’ experience working exclusively with animals. Julie has helped thousands of animals with skin problems ranging from mange, allergies, eczema, hot spots, ringworm, ear infections and much more. The book is in an easy to read format and contains information about natural diet and how natural remedies may be used to help your dog overcome his/her itchy skin without drugs or chemicals.

Natural Animal Solutions Skin Pack
Will help your pets to receive all the nutrients and support they require for healthy skin, coat and overall health and vitality from the inside.  Includes DigestaVite Plus supplement, High Potency Vitamin C and Omega Oil along with directions for use and dietary information.  Suitable for dogs and cats.

Greenpet Skin Allergy Prescription Pack for cats or dogs. This pack includes six natural remedies, dietary information and treatment advice and will assist most dogs and cats with skin and allergy problems. Fill out the questionnaire and our qualified animal naturopath will include the most suitable remedies and external treatment for your dog or cat.

Augustine’s Healthy Skin Bundle  for dogs or cats
A pack with six natural products to help dogs or cats with allergies and skin problems both internally and externally.

Augustine’s SuperBoost
Faith for dogs and cats
Dynacol Zeolite
Raw Coconut Oil (consumption and topical)
Augustine’s SuperBath

External Relief

DerMagic Skin Treatment Packs for Dogs
DerMagic Skin Treatment Pack for dogs contains a herbal medicated shampoo and conditioner for dogs along with a herbal cream for external use. The pack also includes dietary information sheet for dogs with skin problems. The DerMagic products are formulated specifically for animals with skin conditions and owners who have tried everything, including numerous veterinary visits, topical and injected steroids and antibiotics, with little to no relief.

SuperBath Herbal Rinse is a 100% natural blend of herbs to use as a rinse or soak to relieve sore, itchy, inflamed or irritated skin.

Consultations & Tests Available

Skin Consultation
Click on the link above and complete the questionnaire form. You will receive a detailed report with treatment recommendations to assist your animal. Treatment involves dietary advice, nutritional support, suggested herbal and homeopathic medicines and external treatment suggestions specifically suited to your animal’s condition. Remedies not included but may be purchased at a discount following online consultation.

*Bio-Compatibility Testing
This is recommended for dogs and cats that have suspected allergies. Test for over 200 foods and other items to ensure your animal is not being exposed to foods that may be affecting his/her immune system.
Also available for people.

*Combined Skin Allergy Consultation and Bio-Compatibility testing
(Both of the above *) for best results we recommend a consultation along with bio-compatibility testing.

Dog Allergies and Skin Problems interview with Dr Bruce Syme
Allergies are basically an “inappropriate” or “over-zealous” reaction of an animals’ immune system. Genetics certainly play a role in pre-disposing an animal to developing allergies, but environment and nutrition will ultimately decide to what degree the allergy is expressed. One unfortunate reality of allergies is that despite all the advances in modern medicine, allergies are still a “chronic” disease – the best we can hope to do is “control” the expression of an allergy, and limit the use of drugs required to do so. Dr Bruce Syme BVSc. (Hons), Founder of Vets All Natural.