Qld Itch Natural Alternatives


This condition is due to hypersensitivity to insect bites, causing extreme itching. It is usually worse during the humid summer months, but may affect some horses or dogs all year long. Itching is usually intense and can cause the animal…

Itchy Skin: What can you do?


Itchy Skin: What can you do? One of the most common questions we get asked is – My dog or cat has itchy skin and its not fleas: What can you do to help? OR My horse is scratching on everything…

Herbal Medicine For Animals


Most animals are natural herbalists, often seeking out particular herbs when needed, if they have access to a wide variety of species. Dogs and cats will occasionally be seen chewing on lemon grass, comfrey, couch grass and other plants. Horses,…

A Happy Ending!


This is one of those cases where there was a simple answer to a seemingly complex problem. “Jenny from Calm Healthy Horses saved my beautiful horses life.I honestly can’t thank her enough for what she has done.10 months ago my…

Diatomaceous Earth Uses


What is it? There are two different grades of Diatomaceous earth (DE); Food grade and Pool grade. Food grade diatomaceous earth is safe to use for the home, yards, and animals. Pool grade diatomaceous earth is altered by high heat and…

Equine Heat Stress – How to avoid


During Summer with scorching temperatures it is important to avoid equine heat stress. It is all about your horse being able to maintain his core body temperature close to 37.5C. This he can efficiently do on his own under most…

Turmeric for Health


Most people are familiar with the turmeric spice used in Indian and Asian cooking. Turmeric is a member of the ginger family, a native to middle eastern and southeast Asian countries. It has been used in cooking for thousands of…

Vegan / Vegetarian Diet for Dogs


Dogs can survive on quite a varied diet as long as they get all the essential nutrients they require. Cats, however are strict carnivores and cannot survive on a vegan diet without risk of health issues long term. They have…

Lameness, spooky and facial crests


Shardy is an 8yr old Purebred Egyptian Arab. His owner, Jen was having no end of trouble. His issues included: Frequent lameness and struggling to get up hillsHe became spookyHe rubbed his nose a lot, especially when out riding, stopping…

Rejuvenate your Dog with Hemp oil Elixir!


What is Hemp Oil Elixir? Canine Hemp Oil Elixir is a rejuvenation formula made of pure and unrefined hemp seed oil. This elixir is a thicker, more concentrated oil that contains a higher Omega-3 content, more fatty acids and a…

Natural Stress Relief For Animals


While most of us know the impact of high stress levels on our own health, many people never stop and think about whether our animals are also suffering from similar stresses. With a busy lifestyle you may get stressed out…

Anal Gland Problems in Dogs


Anal Gland Problems in Dogs can affect all ages and breeds leading to blocked or infected anal glands.  These two small glands are located on either side of the anus, and are scent glands used for marking territory and recognition….

Equine Hoof Abscess


What causes an equine hoof abscess and what is the best method of dealing with one to help your horse recover faster? 1. What is a Hoof Abscess A hoof abscess is a localized bacterial infection in the sensitive structures…

Natural Solutions for Worms in Dogs & Cats


Intestinal worms are relatively common in all animals and it is important to keep parasite numbers down as a heavy worm burden can cause a variety of health issues for your animals. Using drugs and chemicals is not the only…

Natural Approach for Digestive Upsets in Cats


Do you find your cat often regurgitates her dinner shortly after feeding? Or perhaps she sometimes suffers from a sudden bout of diarrhoea, that you just can’t quite get to the bottom of (if you’ll excuse the pun!)? Or maybe…

Why do dogs eat grass?


If you’ve ever wondered…. Why do dogs eat grass? Well, there are a few reasons and we have outlined some of the common reasons below: 1.. Dogs may eat grass to purge their system Dogs will occasionally eat large amounts…

Help with ‘puddle problems’ Urinary Incontinence


Does your dog or cat need help with ‘puddle problems’ Urinary incontinence ? A damp and smelly pet, or a pet who doesn’t quite make it to the litter box or garden can become a frustration, and the constant washing…

Tips on Giving Herbal Remedies to Your Dog or Cat


We have listed some of our tips on giving herbal remedies to your dog or cat. The easiest way to give herbs or supplements to your pets is by mixing them into your dog or cats food. However, some cats…

Horse Diet – Feeding Naturally


Horse Diet – Feeding Naturally. A natural diet for horses can vary considerably depending on the individual horse and their regular workload. A racehorse’s nutritional requirement differs greatly from a weekend leisure pony for example. The following is provided as…

Anxiety and Stress – Natural Solutions


Solutions for Anxiety and Stress Your animal’s behaviour is the best indicator if they are suffering from anxiety or stress. They tell us a lot by their actions, their physiological responses, and sometimes by the “evidence” they’ve left while you’ve…

Is Your Horse Foot-Sore?


If you answered YES, then read on to find out why… You may be using an experienced farrier who is trimming your horse regularly every 5 or 6 weeks yet your horse has sore feet a lot of the time….

Raw Feeding for Dogs & Cats – A Vet’s Perspective


Feeding Raw for Dogs & Cats – A Vet’s perspective by Dr Bruce Syme BVSc(Hons) Gastric Acidity, Digesting Bones, Gut Transit Time and Salmonella There has been much debate about the “potential” dangers of feeding bones to dogs, and also of…

Grass Affected Horse? How do you know if it is the grass?


If its Autumn or Spring, the risk is highest but certain grasses, supplements and feeds can affect some horses all year long. A ‘Grass affected horse’ is one where one or multiple aspects of their diet are adversely affecting their health and behavior….

Autumn Grass Issues for Horses


Autumn grass growth can adversely affect some horses! Autumn and (Spring) grass can cause a lot of problems for horses when they eat these short green shoots. After testing some grass in a paddock with short green growing grass recently the…

Pottenger Cat Study


The Pottenger cat study came about like many great discoveries, Dr Francis M Pottenger accidentally found that his laboratory cats were noticeably healthier when fed on a diet of raw meats rather than cooked meats. Dr Pottenger, a human doctor,…

Laminitis and Founder – What to watch out for


There is a difference between laminitis and founder – Laminitis is inflammation of the laminae (which is the tissue that attaches the coffin bone to the hoof wall). Founder, is where the laminae have let go allowing the coffin bone…

Easter Warning for Dogs


Easter is upon us again? It’s that time of year when it’s critically important to ensure chocolate stays off the menu for your dog… Why is chocolate poisonous to dogs? The culprit is a compound called theobromine, which is absorbed…

Cool Energy Feeding for Horses


How do you know if a feed is going to be ‘heating’ for your horse? It is actually quite easy when you understand the following information on how the horse’s digestive system works. Food that is first chewed and thereby…

Struvite Crystals Natural Options


Generally speaking, struvite stones / crystals will form when the animal’s urine pH becomes neutral or alkaline (pH 7 or greater) and urine is concentrated. Carnivores (dogs and cats) that eat a fresh red meat based diet  naturally produce acidic…

Loyalty Rewards


Greenpet’s loyalty rewards program allows Greenpet customers to receive discounts by simply ordering online and accumulating reward points. Accumulated points can be used as dollar value discounts on any future orders. You will need to sign up as a customer…

Is Your Dog Gluten Intolerant?


These days, gluten intolerance is a well-recognized condition in humans and there are shelves full of products designed to help sufferers manage the condition and avoid unpleasant symptoms, but did you know some dogs suffer gluten intolerance as well? What…

The Link Between Behaviour and Nutrition


The links between nutrition and animal behaviour have been poorly researched, and still to this day, are quite unclear. It is quite apparent in the human population that what we feed ourselves and particularly our children, will have quite a…

Big Head disease recovery


Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism Recovery In December 2010 my horse was diagnosed with signs of big head disease. The swellings on each side of her head were extremely large and appeared over a matter of weeks. She was reluctant to go…

Blessed Herbs: 6 reasons to Colon Cleanse


The world is full of toxins. We’re not just talking fast food and car exhaust. As a member of the human race we spend our entire lives inhaling preservatives, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, artificial additives, excessive stress, and a constant attack…

Lethargic and Dragging feet


One day I noticed my horse had suddenly become very stiff, and was dragging his front legs and appeared quite lethargic. I knew something was wrong as he was normally very forward moving and this particular day, he just seemed really tired….

Suspected Fractured Pelvis Recovery


Our 15 year old stock horse developed what we thought was arthritis around 3 months after we purchased him (he had been fully vet checked prior to purchase and passed with flying colors). He was intermittently lame which would come and go…

Spooking and Shying Violently


I have been using the whole ProvideIt Plan for over a year now with amazing results and would like to share the experience. I had searched for the right horse for months and a friend found him in the Eastern…

Sore Back and Nipping


I bought Duke in early January, 2010. When I went to try him he was a calm, unflappable horse who seemed to take everything in his stride. My mother and I brought him home and put him in a large…

Leg Splints Disappeared


Barry was broken-in in March, 2009, at four years of age and quietly worked through the winter, attending some winter clinics. After shedding the winter woollies and going from the ugly duck to a beautiful swan, he was shown three…

Suspected Fractured Pelvis or Sacroiliac Injury


Great news! The horse with the suspected fractured pelvis is back to normal! I know a lot of people will bethinking ‘How can this be?’ Actually it is not at all difficult to understand when you realise how much mineral…

Sacro-illiac and Saddle-fit Problems


These are so common and more often than not are NOT the result of an injury. They can easily be just another manifestation of a serious mineral imbalance, that of excess potassium relative to sodium, chloride, calcium and magnesium! Often…

Guinea Pigs- Natural Diet


Natural Diet for Guinea Pigs (CAVIES) Guinea pigs are vegetarians and require a regular intake of fresh grass, fruit, vegetables and roughage to stay healthy. They are a grazing animal and require constant access to fresh grass and other flowers, herbs and roughage….

BioCompatibility Testing For Animals


BioCompatibility Testing For Animals is a great tool to help with many health issues. Does your animal suffer from any of the following – Diarrhoea Digestive problems Eye and ear conditions Skin rashes Itchy skin Lung conditions Sinus infections Eczema…

All Things Natural For Animals!


The Best Care For Your Pet! At Greenpet we are constantly adding to our range of products and search all over Australia and overseas for the finest natural products to help improve the health of your animals. We do not…

High Sugar Diet Problems for Horses


Grasses planted primarily to fatten livestock and promote milk production are ‘high sugar’ grasses. Hay made from wheat, barley, rye-grass or oats is high in sugar especially if it has been made prior to seed formation. Sugar levels can be…

Calm Healthy Horses Plan


Tick off any symptoms that you find from the Horse Symptom Checklist. Make the recommended diet changes in the CalmHealthyHorses Plan for one month, then, revisit the Checklist. If necessary continue the process for another month or until your horse is…

Photo Sensitivity…(Sunburn / Mud Fever)


Many horses with white faces and/ or white socks, suffer from ‘sunburnt’ noses, and/or chronic mud fever. Some get ulcers in their mouths. The first line of thought with mud fever is that it is caused by ‘mud’. The first…

Equine Respiratory Problems


There are a number of conditions that affect the respiratory tract of the horse. Sometimes the cause is obvious due to an accompanying mucous discharge or because it can be associated with allergies or a physical disability but there are…