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  • Natural Horse Kit

    Natural Horse Kit


    Natural Horse Kit contains 15 natural products that can be used for a variety of reasons on horses.

     It includes:

    • 7 Homeopathic Remedies (Colic formula, apis, rhus tox, arnica, ledum, hypericum, arsenicum)
    • 6 Herbal Remedies (pain/inflamation, immune support, calming, slippery elm, eye wash, hyper-cal)
    • 1 Flower Essence Remedy (crisis remedy)
    • Tuff Rock Poultice 100g

    The kit also includes an instruction booklet and comes in a sealed container.

    Great to have on hand for those emergency situations or for use anytime.

    A great kit for anyone with one or more horses.

    Valued at over $270.00

  • colic

    Equine Colic Prescription Pack


    Equine Colic Prescription Pack contains a natural remedy specially formulated by our qualified animal naturopath.


    50ml homeopathic formula

    Dosage instructions included.

    Great to have on hand for those emergency situations!

    May be administered while waiting for vet to arrive.

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    Equine Laminitis Prescription Pack


    Greenpet’s Equine Laminitis prescription pack combines natural remedies and supplements along with directions for use. The pack comes with an information sheet on equine laminitis.

    Contains the following natural remedies for horses:

    Homeopathic LAM – 15ml

    Homeopathic FND – 15ml

    AlleviateC SOS 1kg

    GrazeEzy 2kg

    Laminitis information sheet and directions for use included with pack.

  • new-hoof-repair-pack-new

    Hoof Repair Pack


    The Hoof Repair Pack is ideal for horses that have poor quality hooves or suffer from hoof problems. It contains – 1. Donnybrook hoof wash 500ml 2. Donnybrook Crack repair 250g 3. Donnybrook Hoofstik 40g (clear or black depending on hoof color).

    Pack Includes Hoof Wash 500ml, HoofStik 40g Crack Repair 500ml

    Damage caused by various ailments can quickly result in further problems, if your horse has suffered from either Seedy Toe/ White Line, Thrush, Abscess, Punctures, Severe Cracking, Heel Cracking or Hoof Rot.

    You may notice – Extremely dry hoof or exposed internal hoof, strong odour, flaky sole, further cracking or shelling.

    Treatment includes making sure the hoof is balanced by a farrier/trimmer, have the infected area removed and opened up.

    By using one or more products from the Hoof Repair Pack, you can assist in providing a protective layer to reduce further damage, stop debris entering crevices or large cracked areas, nourishing damages cells and moisturises deep into the hoof for supplenes


    The Hoof Repair Pack Valued at $44.95.


    Other useful products

    Hoofix Abcess Kit

  • hoof-abscess-kit

    HOOFix Abscess Kit


    The HOOFix Abscess Kit with turnout boot provides everything needed to effectively treat a horse hoof abscess. Medical grade Epsom Salt Gel is a proven osmotic that draws out bacteria from the hoof and our special system keeps the medication on the hoof so your horse can heal faster. It is the most effective hoof abscess treatment system on the market.

    Reduces Stress

    The HOOFix Abscess Kit reduces the pain and suffering of your horse and eliminates the stress you experience when treating a hoof abscess the old fashioned way. No need to change every day to maintain effectiveness, like other products. Each application can be left on for two to three days, providing up to twelve days of treatment.

    Maintains Physical & Mental Health

    The HOOFix Abscess Kit with the reusable hoof boot allows you to turn your horse out and not restrict him to stall rest, so he stays happy and healthy. The hi-tech sole of the HOOFix Emergency Boot incorporates ground-up tires for skid resistance and durability so your horse is surefooted and confident in his stride. The lightly padded boot is flexible, lightweight and durable. Industrial-strength Velcro® tabs provide holding power, so the boot stays on, yet is easy to put on/take off. This hoof boot does not rub and is breathable, so it promotes a healthy environment for a healthy hoof for your horse.

    Product Details
    Each Kit contains:

    • A HOOFix Emergency hoof boot (not a loose wrap) that is easy to put on, can be used for turnout and reused!
    • An Epsom salt soak bag for the initial soak to clean and start the healing process,
    • Medical grade Epsom salt poultice gel, an effective osmotic, to draw out bacteria from the abscess site and soothe sore or bruised hoofs,
    • Felt hoof pads (4), to ensure that the poultice is on the hoof and keeps working,
    • Applicators (4),
    • Cohesive flexible bandage rolls (2), and
    • Detailed step-by-step instructions, to make certain the most effective treatment protocol is followed to provide the best hoof abscess treatment for your horse.

    Help your horse heal faster and order extra HOOFix Abscess Kits to keep on hand.

    Click here to view video on how to use kit

    My own yearling came down with a foot abscess a few days after receiving your HOOFix Abscess Kit – it worked great! The kit contained everything I needed and the abscess resolved within 48 hours of application.”  Ilka Wagner, DVM, Equine Veterinary Services

  • Decron Hoof Gel pad (2)

    Decron Hoof Gel & Pads Pack


    Decron Hoof Gel & Pads Pack is a one-stop management system for a wide range of hoof problems. The Pack includes: – 1 x 200ml Decron Osmotic Gel – 5 x Decron Hoof Pads. All natural ingredients: glycerine, lavender oil, melaleuca oil, arnica, natural essential oils and botanical extracts. Directions: Clean and dry the sole of the hoof. Apply the Decron Osmostic Gel liberally over the entire sole and frog. Place the Decron Hoof Pad onto the treatment area. Wrap the whole hoof with a bandage**, ensuring an airtight environment. Apply each application for 24 hours. Keep hoof and bandage dry. **The Decron Hoof Boot offers ideal protection and support for the hoof and is a convenient way to apply a protective bandage. Click here for further details and to purchase the boot.

  • itch

    QLD Itch Prescription Pack for Horses


    QLD Itch Prescription Pack for Horses

    Contains –

    Heritage Downs Intensive treatment oil – 250ml

    Heritage Downs Face & Body cream 500ml

    Herbal Equine Dried Blend SWITCH 1kg

    Homeopathic Q-Itch remedy 15ml

    Includes instructions for use

    For more details on our prescription packs, please feel free to contact the clinic

    Suitable for use on horses and ponies.

    Pack is valued at over $120.00

  • Rrv Relief Pack

    Equine Ross River Virus Prescription Pack


    Equine Ross River Virus prescription pack contains natural remedies specially formulated by our qualified animal naturopath.


    500ml herbal tonic

    30ml homeopathic formula

    1kg rosehip granules

    Includes instructions for use and information sheet

    For more details on our prescription packs, please feel free to contact the clinic

  • Wrt Relief pack

    Wart Prescription Pack


    Wart Prescription Pack contains natural remedies specially formulated by our qualified animal naturopath.

    Suitable for use on dogs and cats.


    100g Greenpet herbal Thuja cream for external use

    Greenpet Vitamin C powder 150g

    Greenpet Cod liver oil 250ml

    Homeopathic WRT remedy 15ml

    Instructions for use and dietary advice

    For more details on our prescription packs, please feel free to contact the clinic