Anal Gland Support Prescription Pack


ANG relief pack contains a homeopathic remedy, a herbal tonic, a herbal spray for external use and an information sheet with full instructions for use. Suitable for use on dogs and cats.

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Anal Gland support Prescription Pack contains natural remedies specially formulated by our qualified animal naturopath. The remedies and information included in this pack are aimed at supporting animals diagnosed with blocked or inflamed anal glands.  Suitable for dogs or cats

The pack contains the following natural remedies and supplements:

  1. 15ml Homeopathic A/GLAND remedy
  2. 15ml Herbal ANAL GLAND tonic
  3. 15ml Herbal AG RELIEF solution for external use
  4. 125ml Empty Spray bottle to make up external spray
  5. Instructions for use and dietary advice

*Avoid use during acute infections due to astragalus and continue once infection has subsided. 

Support Prescription Pack Optional Extras:

Synbiotic 180-S – Probiotic and enzyme supplement is recommended if your dog has been on antibiotics.

Greenpet Psyllium Husks – Mix ½ tsp for small dogs or cats up to 2 teaspoons for large breeds into water to make a thin paste. Allow to soak for 10 minutes and add more water if necessary then mix into meals daily.

Fenugreek Seeds – Soaked in warm water overnight can be mixed into food, including the liquid.

How long will the pack last me?

This will depend on the size of your pet. Dosage is given in drops, not mls, so each bottle will last a reasonable amount of time depending on the frequency of dosing and the amount of drops used.

If you have a large breed dog you may order larger sized bottles of the remedies. If you require replacement bottles of any of our specially formulated herbal or homeopathic remedies from this pack, they are available for purchase by clicking the links below:

Herbal Tonic – Enter name as above or as per label if re-ordering

Homeopathic Formula – Enter name as above or as per label if re-ordering

We recommend purchasing the pack initially and once you start using the remedies you will get an idea how long each item will last, then you may re-order replacements in larger sizes if required.

For more details on our prescription packs, please feel free to contact the clinic

This pack should not be used as a replacement for veterinary diagnosis or treatment and most of the remedies may be used in conjunction with your vet’s recommendations. Please do not stop giving medication to your pet suddenly as some drugs require you to reduce dosage gradually. Check with your veterinarian if your animal is currently taking medication to ensure compatibility when using in conjunction with natural remedies.

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Dimensions 10 × 15 × 20 cm

1 review for Anal Gland Support Prescription Pack

  1. Mark

    My dog had chronic anal gland problems for years and since using the remedies and following your dietary advice he hasn’t had any problems for over 18 months now.

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