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Angels Who Came With Fur & Four Paws

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By Pamela Talbot Adams

Pamela Adams is an animal communicator and pet loss counselor. Her desire in communication is to raise the awareness of animals as spiritual beings and to show the special purpose they have in our lives. She has a private practice in inter species communication and teaches through her regular workshops.

“Angels Who Came with Fur and Four Paws” is in three parts.

Part 1 is about my experiences with my own animals, focusing on what they came to teach and the lessons I have learned and continue to learn and also some who have returned to me.

Part 2 covers experiences I have had with other people’s companions through animal communication and also has instances of survival of their souls and reincarnation.

Part 3 covers caring for ourselves and our animals as they reach the end of their earthly lives; grieving well through the loss and how we can help ourselves to heal and move on.
It also includes a Memorial Ceremony for Companion Animals.

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