Animal Botanical Herbal Tonic Cancer Lymphoma Support -100ml


Animal Botanical Lymphoma Support – 100ml for dogs (canine lymphoma formula)


The herbs included in this mix are: Bladderwrack, Elecampane, Dandelion, Maritime Pine Bark, Parsley, Rosehips, Wormwood, and Violet Leaves, along with Oak, Olive, Pine, Water Violet, Walnut and Wild Oat from the Bach Flower Remedies.

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Animal Botanical Herbal Tonic Cancer Lymphoma Support – 100ml for dogs

Underlying the development of all cancers is a breakdown of metabolic and immune systems and the bodily processes involved in cell health maintenance and metabolism generally. Dog’s livers have been called upon to digest far too much chemically polluted and processed food since the advent of commercial dog feed in the 1950’s. Also, their eating patterns have been subverted by over feeding so as to deny the long periods of fasting which they experienced in nature and which allowed their lymphatic systems to clear toxins from their bodies.

Often the domesticated dog is completely denied the opportunity to bury and allow to ripen a meaty bone and many never have any raw meat in their diet at all.

We see Lymphoma and Lymphosarcoma as the end result of a systemic and prolonged overload on the lymphatic system, the blood and the immune system in general, which may never have appeared without late 20th century feeding practices.

This Cancer Support mix can be used in conjunction with other alternative medicines also and sometimes with orthodox treatments like Radiation and Chemotherapy. The Vet provided Steroid (Called Prednisone in US) is regularly used together with our Herbal Lymphoma program, reporting excellent results.

The important distinction between my herbal treatment and orthodox medicine is that here I am aiming to reverse the underlying processes which allowed the cancer to develop in the first place. This is distinct from the aim of removing, or otherwise destroying cancerous cells directly once the process of cancer has begun.

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