Bach Flower Remedies For Dogs 1

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Bach Flower Remedies For Dogs

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Discover how the healing power of the Bach Flower Remedies can be used to enhance the wellbeing and happiness of your dogs.

This practical, informative book will introduce readers to this fascinating and valuable form of therapy and take you on a guided tour of each of the 38 remedies Dr Edward Bach created in the 1930s, giving you a wealth of information that will last a lifetime and allow you to provide healing support to all your canine friends now and in the future. The Bach remedies are a gentle, safe but powerful way of easing mental stress, worry and emotional problems in your dog.

With practical advice on using Bach Flower Remedies to treat your dog, and actual case histories of dogs that have been treated using Bach Flower Remedies, this jargon-free practical guide will enable the reader to start using Bach remedies immediately to treat their canine friends.

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