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BioAktiv is available in powder and liquid. Formula one is a powder that may be added to moist food. Formula two is a liquid that may be added to drinking water. Suitable for all animals including dogs, cats, horses, livestock, poultry, etc.

Formula One Usage Guide

Cats and Dogs, small to medium: 0.5-1 gms per day
Dogs, large: 1-2 gms per day
Horse: 5 gms twice per week
Birds: Added to drinking water

Formula Two Usage Guide

1 gms per 20 liter of water


Earn up to 30 Points.

3 reviews for Bioaktiv

  1. Ross

    I have been a strong adocate of natural feeding and products for dogs over a 44 year period of professional dog training and behavioural work.

    This product was introduced to me six weeks ago and I have to say that it is without a doubt the most amazing nutritional supplement I have ever encountered. And I have tried numerous products over the years, also finding most beneficial, but nothing touches BioActiv animal formula.

    A quarter teaspoon a day in the food has resolved my flea plague problem as well as my tick plague problem. The product causes the animal to digest its food completely changing the odour of the animal making it unappealing to parasites – externally and internally.

    It has calmed nervous dogs, vastly improving dogs in poor health and making healthier dogs look healthier. No stool or urine odour and this has also been found to occur with pigs.

    I had been asked to give the product a four month evaluation but after only six weeks I am sold on it. Truly a miracle product.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been having trouble with the smell of my dogs urine in the yard being extremely strong. Nothing I have tried has been able to eliminate the smell. I heard about BioActiv and one of the benefits of it being lessening the smell of their urine. I have started using this product and two days later I noticed the smell of urine was significantly less. One week on we have absolutely no smell whatsoever. I look forward to seeing the other benefits this will have with my dog.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joyce (verified owner)

    Joyce – January 22, 2018

    One of my cats had constant trouble with bleeding ulcerated paws. It was going to require injections every 6 weeks at the vet. I gave him both the Bioaktiv products, I included the food product to his food – just a quarter teaspoon daily, and 3 pinches of the Bioaktiv water product to the water in the drinking bowl. It took many months to improve, but slowly, his paws have healed really well. One year later, there is no more bleeding or ulcerations, and it was so easy to dose him. No trying to pop pills down his throat, or trying to disguise products that he didn’t like the taste of. It was the only change i made to his feeding routine. I also find it very economical to use.

    Another cat had a constant weeping eye, and now it only weeps occasionally. I find this a valuable addition to my cats feed.

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