Canine Country Pet Food – (For Collection Only)

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Canine Country Pet Food is an all-natural food made using fresh, raw, preservative-free meat with seasonal vegetables and fruits, egg, kelp, flax seed meal and garlic.

It comes in the following varieties:

BEEF 1kg ROLL – $7.50

DUCK 1kg ROLL – $7.50

COMPOSITE WHITE (Chicken, Turkey & Fish) 1kg ROLL – $7.50

COMPOSITE RED (Beef, Lamb & Chicken) 1kg ROLL – $7.50

AUSSIE (Kangaroo) 1kg ROLL – $7.50

TURKEY 1kg ROLL – $7.50

FISH 1kg ROLL – $8.50

LAMB 1kg ROLL – $9.00



WILD BOAR 1kg TRAY – $10.00

Cat food comes in 1kg portion pack trays in the following varieties:

FELINE CHICKEN BARF (Chicken, Turkey +Linseed Oil) – $8.50

FELINE ROO BARF (Roo, Turkey & Fish + Taurine, Flax Seed & Yogurt ) – $8.50

How much do I feed?

The recommended feeding rate is between 2-3% of the ideal adult body weight.  Whilst this is a guide only, some dogs may need their intake reduced if they are gaining weight, and others may need it increased due to energy levels, metabolism etc.  Dogs like humans are all different, one dog may be able to eat a lot of food and not put on weight, whereas another may gain too much weight on the same amount of food.


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  1. Sally

    Jacko would always turn his nose up at raw meat I offered him but he loves barf roll. It’s easy, economical and most importantly good for him which makes me happy too!

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