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Eat Like A Horse



A complete guide covering feed and nutrition, general care, health and pain management. A must have for all Australian horses.

Antoinette Foster’s interest in horses began at an early age and, after completing her schooling, she developed an interest in equine nutrition. As there were no equine nutrition courses available at the time in Australia, she decided to study human nutrition. A few years later she discovered a course from the United States – Equine Nutritional Therapy. The course was very innovative and embraced the philosophy of bio-chemical individuality. This approach to treatment has stayed with Antoinette ever since.

During the following years, Antoinette expanded her knowledge by studying Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Disease, Amino Acid Therapy, Equine Nutrition and Animal Nutrition. Using the knowledge she had gained, she developed a range of Naturopathic Veterinary Formulas and founded Hi Form Australia in 1990. Hi Form’s success has been due to the continued approach towards individuality and treating the whole horse not just the disease.

Purchase this product now and earn 30 Points!

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