Emotional Healing For Horses 1

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Emotional Healing For Horses

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BY STEFAN BALL, HEATHER SIMPSON & JUDY HOWARD. Emotional Healing For Horses. Over the last few years there has been a revolution in the way we think about horses. At last we have clear ideas about how horses see the world and about how they feel about themselves and the things we ask them to do. This book helps us to put these insights to work. Emotional Healing for Horses and Ponies brings together the skills of expert horsewoman and animal behaviourist Heather Simpson and those of leading Bach flower remedy experts Stefan Ball and Judy Howard. Together they describe how complementary medicine and simple changes in handling and housing routines can immeasurably improve the lives of our horses. Anybody who has been inspired by the tales of horse whisperers will find in this book practical steps that we can all take to give our horses happier and more joyful lives.

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