Flower Essence Blend Home Sweet Home


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Flower essences work on the emotional level of wellbeing. Our Flower Essence Blend Home Sweet Home is a specially formulated essence made by our qualified animal naturopath.

Suitable for use with all species, young and old.

Drops may be given orally, in food, on body or in drinking water. They are easy to administer and safe for all ages.

We don’t use any toxic ingredients and these remedies have no side effects.

Flower Essence Blend Home Sweet Home Contains:

Bach flower remedies + Australian Bush flower Remedies

Ideal for use with dogs, cats, horses, birds and other species

Bottle Size:

15ml Dropper bottle


3 to 6 drops depending on size of animal

Dose may be given 3 times daily or more frequently as needed (dose as per label instructions)

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Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 cm

1 review for Flower Essence Blend Home Sweet Home

  1. Nancy

    I use flower essences for my cat semi-regularly and see them as being highly complementary to the raw food diet he’s been on for a couple of years. He was left behind when his owners moved house and we took him in as a young adult cat. A few months later and he had a chronic urinary tract infection and after several vet visits we had no permanent solution and a somewhat traumatised cat! I use essences on myself so decided to get some for Sammy as well. Within half an hour he was calm and not looking for a pot plant in which to pee (his behaviour when the vet stuff wore off) and within 24 hours he was looking back to normal. I used a combination of essences contained in the Home Sweet Home mix and the Crisis mix (had them made locally). I believe animals respond really well to essences (no preconceptions about their use or value as we humans have) and I continue to use them intermittently as needed. Living in a metro area and my not being around during the day, I figure that events such as close calls with cars, cat-hating neighbours and fights with the local cats and dogs are some of the things which can set him off and potentially require essences to resolve.

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