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Equine Herba-Heel low res


Greenpet Equine Herba Heel Ointment 500g


Greenpet Equine Herba Heel Ointment is made using only natural, organic ingredients. It does not contain any harmful cortisone or chemicals. Made from herbs, essential oils and minerals.

1 review for Greenpet Equine Herba Heel Ointment 500g

  1. Julie

    I am actually quite happy with this. I am one of those who cannot get rid of greasy heal no matter what is used. We still have a little but it is getting better and better and I have not had to use any cortisone since using the herbaheel. I still wash my horses pastern each week but that’s now all I need to do as well as applying the herbaheel once a day. So in case someone else finds my experience helpful – we have tried everything and this is worth trying.

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