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Greenpet Fleeze Supplement

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Greenpet fleeze is an excellent food supplement that can be added to your dog and cat’s food or drinking water daily. Up to 1 teaspoon daily for large dogs and less for smaller dogs and cats. Contains garlic, apple cider vinegar, citrus and herbs.


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6 reviews for Greenpet Fleeze Supplement

  1. Customer

    I have been using this product for nearly 12 months for my two pups. Its so easy- just add to their meal. Its a great dietary supplement, and since we began using it, not a sign a fleas!

  2. Vally

    I’ve been using this for some time and found that Bingo does not have a problem with fleas. My local park has a flea infestation every summer and to be on the safe side, after a walk through it I’ll run a flea comb through him. It may pick up 1 or 2 fleas occasionally. Others I speak to are using chemical products with no relief. I’m always recommending this product.

  3. Trish

    I was skeptical that anything would keep fleas at bay, let alone something that wasn’t introducing toxic chemicals to my delightful poodle and poodle cross. I have been pleasantly surprised. I mix a little into their fresh food every night and we rarely see a flea!
    This is a wonderful natural way to control dreaded fleas.

  4. DJ

    I have not seen a flea on my pup since I started using this product. It’s such a godsend for me because I’m allergic to chemical-based flea treatments and shampoos.

  5. Customer

    Have been using this with my dog for over 2 years. She’s a small breed (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) so the large bottles lasts a LONG time.
    All the dogs around me get fleas, and I’ve seen fleas jump on her from those dogs when she’s with them but they just don’t stick! She’s never had an infestation of fleas or brought them in my house.
    It’s a great product and is very affordable.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Coral (verified owner)

    Fleas? What fleas?
    Since taking my dog off commercial spot-on treatments and switching to this I wish I had discovered it years ago.

    It’s so easy, just 1/2 a tsp in her food each morning and my Kelpie X Staffy is flea free. I’ve also noticed she has less issues with other biting insects.

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