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Greenpet Herbal Compound Capsules


Greenpet Herbal Compound Capsules are the formulae of Juliette de Bairacli-Levy, the world renowned herbalist and author of many herbal books for animals and people. (See book section)


Herbal compound capsules contain garlic, rue, woodsage, wormwood, eucalyptus, vervain and mugwort.


Tiny dogs/cats (under 5kg) – 1 capsule twice daily

Small dogs (6-19kg) – 2 capsules twice daily

Medium dogs – (20-40kg) 3 capsules twice daily

Large dogs / Sheep / Goats – 4 capsules twice daily

Administer dosage for 5 days then reduce to half dosage for a further 5 days or longer if necessary.

For routine prevention, use every 3 months

Available in 100 and 300 capsules.


Earn up to 50 Points.

2 reviews for Greenpet Herbal Compound Capsules

  1. Rossana

    My 12.5 yrs old golden retriever has been taking Greenpet Herbal Compound for 2 years, and I can see the improvement of health from my dog. She hardly scratches herself, skin condition is good and beautiful coat.
    I will recommend this product to all dogs, good for their well being.

  2. Emmie

    I am a long-time fan of Juliette de Bairacli-Levy’s writings and have cured 2 dogs of ‘fox mange’ using her common-sense approach to diet and herbal remedies. We have found these herbal capsules to be very effective in keeping our whippet in tip-top condition.
    Everyone who sees him comments on (& wants to stroke!) his glossy, silken coat.

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