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Greenpet Herbal HWM Plus


Greenpet Herbal HWM Plus is a herbal/homeopathic formula that can be easily added to food for dogs or cats.

May be given more frequently in high risk areas (5 times per week) or less frequently in low risk (every second day).

For very low risk animals (cats or dogs living indoors with screened windows and doors, with very little exposure to mosquito’s) you may use Homeopathic HWM remedy monthly – click here


Black walnut hulls

Homeopathic nosode (difofilaria immitis)


Cats / small dogs (5-10kg) – 5 drops Med dogs (15 – 25kg) – 10 drops Lge dogs (30 +kg) – 20 drops

Adjust drops depending on animals size. For dogs less than 5kg give less drops.


Add drops to food 3 – 5 times weekly

May be given to puppies from 12 weeks of age  (reduce dosage for very small puppies)

Avoid use during pregnancy and lactation

Sizes Available: 

15ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml


Earn up to 80 Points.

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