Greenpet Neem Extract Concentrate


Greenpet Neem Extract Concentrate is extracted from the neem seed, leaf and bark of the neem tree and has a variety of uses.

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Greenpet Neem Extract Concentrate is extracted from the Azadirachta indica tree including the seed, leaf and bark and has a variety of uses.


Neem seed oil, neem leaf and bark extract, water and ethanol

Greenpet Neem Extract Concentrate

Directions for use:

Dilute 1 part neem extract to 5 parts water or carrier oil and apply to affected areas of skin.

The Extract Concentrate may also be used undiluted on unbroken areas of skin.

Suitable for use on dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

For external use only.

Safe for animals to lick off.

Sizes available:

100ml, 200ml

Also available in a powder.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 14 cm


1 review for Greenpet Neem Extract Concentrate

  1. Christie

    I used this in conjunction with the GreenPet skineze ointment and homeopathic drops on my little dog to help with his skin rash/sores. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! After 2 days I noticed a huge difference. After a week the rash/scabs had almost vanished.

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