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Hair Mineral Analysis: People


Hair Mineral Analysis testing is the most effective, non-invasive method for testing mineral levels in the body. Minerals are important for correct function of many organs and glands. Sadly, our food today is not as mineral-rich as it used to be due to the heavy use of artificial fertilisers and chemicals.

The test results will provide you with a full report of your body’s mineral balance, mineral ratios, etc and suggestions on how to overcome any imbalances or deficiencies, if needed. (38 elements tested.)

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  1. Meta

    Some time ago I had the Hair Analysis for Human done and it was the answer to many years of being unwell.No-one could put their finger on the problem and after the results Julie made a homeopathic to deal with the imbalances and over-load to my system and since then my health has not been better. Thank You so much.

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