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Herbal Equine Cushings

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Pure human-grade equine dried herbs come with dosage for horses. Our equine herbs are also suitable for other species such as cows, sheep, goats, alpacas and pigs. Herbal Equine Cushings is a blend of herbs to support horses with Cushings.

Our herbs are sourced from reputable human-grade suppliers from around Australia and overseas. We select organic or spray-free wherever possible and ensure they meet our strict quality control.

Most horses enjoy the taste of herbs when added to their feed as they would naturally seek out various herbs in the wild depending on their needs.

How to administer dried herbs to your horse/animal:

Dried herbs may be added directly to your horses dampened feed in their dry state. Alternatively, they may be made into an infusion (herbal tea) prior to use and the soak liquid and soaked herbs poured over their feed prior to feeding. By making an infusion prior to feeding, releases more nutrients from the herbs and increases the health benefits and this soak water may be used to dampen feeds. But if time and convenience is an issue then adding the dry herb (except root herbs) directly to feed is fine.

Root herbs are best softened by adding boiling water and allow to cool before adding the liquid and softened herb to feed.

Dosage and directions for use are supplied with all our Greenpet Equine Herbs.

Click here for more information on herbs for horses and the health benefits from feeding natural herbs to your horses or livestock.

Herbal Equine Cushings Ingredients:

  • Chaste Tree
  • Clivers
  • Gingko
  • Nettle
  • and other natural herbs




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  1. Sam (store manager)

    We purchased this for our little shetland pony who had cushings disease. She had a full and happy life and lived to the age of around 45 years old thanks to the Greenpet products we gave her. After she was ill the first time, the products gave her a new lease on life and a few extra years of great health. As she was such a close member of our family, we just wanted to say thank you for the help, advice and products that gave us the extra time with her as she deserved it.

  2. Julie Lewis-Phillips (verified owner)

    I have now had the misfortune of having two horses with cushings disease my first about 10 years ago and just in the last month realised that another horse I have also has it. Many years ago I used the chasetree berry from Greenpet for my first horse. Which was very effective and a lot less costly than the stuff from the vets. BUT just as effective. Now my new horse has it i went straight back to greenpet. This time they have a Herbal Equine Cushings blend which i have found to be just as good if not better. My horse is now his happy self again loving attention and happy. Whereas before he was sour and not himself. He has only been on this treatment for 4 weeks this week and all his long coat has dropped out and he is a lot more comfortable again. If his paddock mate eats his food all is fine as it won’t hurt him, so i put in both their food in case they swap feeds. Thankyou greenpet for your top products.

  3. Rebecca A. (verified owner)

    Pony appears brighter and coat has improved

  4. Julie Lewis-Phillips (verified owner)

    My horse is coping very well on this herbal mix. Has no long coat, and a lot brighter in himself. Plus if the other horses get to his feed it will not hurt them. It is great and quite cost effective.

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