Herbal Equine SWITCH Dried Herb Blend



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Herbal Equine SWITCH Dried Herb Blend


Pure human-grade equine dried herbs come with dosage for horses. Our equine herbs are also suitable for other species such as cows, sheep, goats, alpacas and pigs. Herbal Equine SWITCH Dried Herb Blend is suitable for horses prone to Qld itch, sweet itch and other itchy skin conditions.

Our herbs are sourced from reputable human-grade suppliers from around Australia and overseas. We select organic or spray-free wherever possible and ensure they meet our strict quality control.

Most horses enjoy the taste of herbs when added to their feed as they would naturally seek out various herbs in the wild depending on their needs.

How to administer dried herbs to your horse/animal:

Dried herbs may be added directly to your horses dampened feed in their dry state. Alternatively, they may be made into an infusion (herbal tea) prior to use and the soak liquid and soaked herbs poured over their feed prior to feeding. By making an infusion prior to feeding, releases more nutrients from the herbs and increases the health benefits and this soak water may be used to dampen feeds. But if time and convenience is an issue then adding the dry herb (except root herbs) directly to feed is fine.

Root herbs are best softened by adding boiling water and allow to cool before adding the liquid and softened herb to feed.

Dosage and directions for use are supplied with all our Greenpet Equine Herbs.

Click here for more information on herbs for horses and the health benefits from feeding natural herbs to your horses or livestock.

Greenpet herbal equine dried blends are made especially for horses and ponies. Each blend is made using the highest quality human-grade herbs and is specially formulated by our qualified animal naturopath.

Greenpet Herbal Equine Dried Blends are aimed at supporting optimum health for horses.

Simply add 30g of the dried tea to a damp feed daily for a 500kg horse.

Herbal Equine SWITCH Dried Herb Blend Contains:

  • Chamomile
  • Clivers
  • Nettle
  • Rosehips
  • Burdock Root
  • and other natural herbs



Earn up to 195 Points.

2 reviews for Herbal Equine SWITCH Dried Herb Blend

  1. Julie Watson

    My horses 2 inparticular have been suffering from itch for several years I have tried just about everything( rubs, potions, creams, shampoos ect) Fully rugged with hoods still itchy, I started them on switch 7 days ago, the hair is growing back , the horses are less irritated and have all but stopped scratching, I’m now looking foward to competing

  2. Rosemarie

    I have an x-race horse and have tried just about everything imaginable to ease his itch, with no luck at all. He has to be completely covered 24/7 otherwise he has bites all over him and itches constantly and rubs off his hair. Until now!!!! This product actually really works and now I can leave his rug off and no more bites and his itching has stopped just about completely and only after 1 weeks use. Thanks Greenpet and the lovely lady that told me about this product whilst I was in Horseland just about to purchase more of another produce to try/

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