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Herbal WRM Tonic (Dog, Cat, Bird & Poultry)

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Herbal WRM Tonic is a natural herbal tonic for dogs, cats, birds and poultry.

Contains a herbal tincture of black walnut, wormwood and other herbs.

Comes in 25ml, 50ml, 100ml & 200ml dropper bottles.  Instructions provided.

Herbal WRM Tonic Dosage –

Cats & Small Dogs (5-10kg) – 5-8 drops

Med dogs (15 – 25kg) – 15-20 drops

Large dogs (30 – 50kg) – 20-30 drops

Birds and poultry – 1 part to 3 parts water or 1 drop per hen in food.

Add drops to food twice daily for 1 week then double dose and continue for another week.

As maintenance: Repeat original dose (twice daily) for 1 or 2 days each month.

We recommend repeating treatment dosage a couple of times per year.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation.


Earn up to 80 Points.

10 reviews for Herbal WRM Tonic (Dog, Cat, Bird & Poultry)

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  1. Zuzana

    This is a fantastic product I use for my dog and 2 cats. My weimaraner puppy had terrible skin reactions from vaccines and worming pills, and I am so happy to have found a natural way to worm him instead of monthly chemicals – and now no more skin troubles. I reccommend it to everyone, along with the heartworm tonic also.

  2. Judy

    I started using this herbal worming tonic as a preventative treatment for my bantam hens. I give them a drop each in their morning mash for the two days coming up to full moon each month. When I noticed one hen had runny, yellowish poo and “dirty pants” I gave the flock a drop each, every morning for a week. Within a few days the affected hen’s droppings were completely back to normal and the other hens remained well. A very pleasing result.

  3. Customer

    I have been using this product for my two pups for about 12 months. Its so easy- just add to their meal, and im so pleased to have found a natural alternative to worming, free of the nasties- thanks greenpet!

  4. Britta

    I’ve been using your natural deworming products for heart worm and other worms for years now, and at one point I did have the stool of our pets tested… No worms at all!

    We live a healthy life and avoid chemicals, preservatives etc as much as possible, and we apply the same rule to our beloved furry friends as they also deserve the best!

    Well done.

  5. Brendon

    I suspected that my 6 month old puppy had worms but the vet assured me she couldn’t have as we had been worming her with with conventional worming treatments.
    I went with my gut and ordered this. After just three days of dosing she passed a large tapeworm this morning! To me this says that it works and it seems to work better than regular wormer.

  6. Coral (verified owner)

    Another great product I have switched my dog over to.
    Sure the commercial spot on and oral treatments kept my dog parasite free, but at what expense to the dog’s health. I nearly lost my dog late 2016 to an “unexplained” inflammation of her spleen and massy in her liver. No cureitive treatment was offered to my dog. So I’ve taken things into my own hands with Green Pet products and while my dog isn’t getting any younger, she’s now 12 and a half, she is healthier and happier on kinder treatments like Herbal WRM Tonic

  7. tashnewnham@hotmail.com (verified owner)

    Love this Worm tonic (along with the heartworm one), have been using it on my 2 yr old Lab since he was 6 weeks old & he’s a picture of health! Also love that it’s all natural with no nasty chemicals or preservatives. And he seems to enjoy the taste too!

  8. Natasha Ullucci (verified owner)

    I purchased the Green Pet Herbal Wrm Tonic for my 10yr old FIV Rescue Cat, Pumpkin and can’t recommend this product highly enough!

    My cat had been quite unwell and frequently had blood present in his stool. After spending hundreds of dollars on numerous vet visits and tests – only to be told they aren’t sure what is causing it and instead, prescribing courses of antibiotics which didn’t work, I decided to look into Green Pet products (as recommended to me by my Mum)

    The Vet had mentioned that the blood could possibly be because of worms and that I should be worming him with a traditional all – wormer every 3 months. I didn’t feel comfortable with this, especially as he was already so sick – I didn’t want to expose him to all those chemicals.

    Within the first week of using the Green Pet Herbal Wrm Tonic, the blood has completely disappeared and he is much happier and bright!

  9. Steven Romankus (verified owner)

    This product really worked! highly recommended. Made from natural ingredients makes it even better.

  10. Danielle Govoni (verified owner)

    Great to find a natural alternative to treat worms in my cat & dog.

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