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Homeopathic Arnica Drops


Greenpet’s Homeopathic Arnica Drops are available in various potencies to suit all situations. If you are unsure about which potency to order then simply send through an enquiry via the online chat or our Ask the naturopath link and we will suggest the most appropriate one to purchase. Otherwise select the default potency which is a general one for many common situations.

Arnica comes from the perennial Arnica montana.  A yellow-orangish flower that grows in the mountains of Europe and Siberia. It’s sometimes called the “mountain daisy,” because its color and petals look like the familiar flower. Arnica has been used for muscle soreness and aches, bruising, joint pain and swelling and inflammation.

Our homeopathic remedies are made using a low alcohol content specially suited for use in animals. You can also request an alcohol free version if preferred for use on very sensitive animals. Homeopathic Arnica drops made with alcohol last longer (up to a few years) and have less chance of becoming contaminated than the alcohol free.

Dosage is provided below for general use, but feel free to contact our naturopath if you would like more specific dosage assistance.

Drops are provided in glass dropper bottles.  It is best to administer via drinking water or by placing the drops onto a small piece of bland food to avoid contaminating the bottle with saliva on the dropper.


Squirt a small amount (few drops) into side of animal’s mouth.

ACUTE Conditions – Give hourly x  4 doses.

CHRONIC Cases – Use once or twice daily.


We have a full dispensary of homeopathic remedies so if you are looking for other remedies, please order them here – Homeopathic Simplex remedies.

Or to order our huge range of Homeopathic Formulas specially formulated by our animal naturopath –  Homeopathic Formulas (contact the clinic for specific formulas).


Earn up to 45 Points.


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