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Homeopathic Para-X


Homeopathic Para-X is a homeopathic formula formulated by qualified animal naturopath and is suitable for dogs, cats or farm animals.

Safe to use for very young puppies and kittens, rabbits, chickens, birds, ferrets and other species.  Drops are added to drinking water for easy dosing.

Homeopathic Para-X is a totally natural alternative with no side effects.  Regular worming is recommended for all pets as a routine for optimum health.


Mix 30 drops in one cup of filtered  water – shake and add one teaspoon to drinking water or tip over meals. Dose daily for one week or longer if necessary.  Repeat 3 times yearly.

For herbal options for dogs, cats, birds and poultry, see Herbal WRM Tonic.

For herbal option for horses and livestock, see Herbal WRM: Livestock.


Earn up to 42 Points.


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