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Greenpet Homeopathic Simplex Remedies


We have a large range of Greenpet Homeopathic Simplex Remedies available from our fully stocked homeopathic dispensary.

Homeopathic drops are all Human-grade and low alcohol. We can also make them alcohol-free if required.

Some of the Simplex remedies available include –

Aconite, Arnica, Arsenicum, Bryonia, Belladonna, Causticum, Chelidonium, Colycinthis, Merc sol, Merc cor, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla,  Rhus tox, Ruta Grav, Urtica, Symphytum, Silicea, Sulphur and hundreds more.

All potencies available including 2x,6x,12x, 30x, 200x, 6c, 12c, 30c, 200c, 1M, 10M and many others.

Please select remedy required and potency you would like.

Liquid or pillules available. Liquid is taken as oral drops and pillules may be taken orally (or crushed with back of a spoon to powder)

Important NOTE *

If you would like to order one of our custom made formulas, then please order from the following –  HOMEOPATHIC FORMULAS.

Examples of our custom made Homeopathic Formulas are – FL TK, KDY AID, ANX, CFLU, CYSTIT, etc… Order HERE

Sizes available:

15ml plastic squeezic bottle (no spill and less chance of contamination from saliva)

25ml glass dropper bottle

50ml glass dropper bottle

100ml glass dropper bottle


Remedy required

Potency required

Earn up to 35 Points.


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