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Hoof Repair Pack


The Hoof Repair Pack is ideal for horses that have poor quality hooves or suffer from hoof problems. It contains – 1. Donnybrook hoof wash 500ml 2. Donnybrook Crack repair 250g 3. Donnybrook Hoofstik 40g (clear or black depending on hoof color).

Pack Includes Hoof Wash 500ml, HoofStik 40g Crack Repair 500ml

Damage caused by various ailments can quickly result in further problems, if your horse has suffered from either Seedy Toe/ White Line, Thrush, Abscess, Punctures, Severe Cracking, Heel Cracking or Hoof Rot.

You may notice – Extremely dry hoof or exposed internal hoof, strong odour, flaky sole, further cracking or shelling.

Treatment includes making sure the hoof is balanced by a farrier/trimmer, have the infected area removed and opened up.

By using one or more products from the Hoof Repair Pack, you can assist in providing a protective layer to reduce further damage, stop debris entering crevices or large cracked areas, nourishing damages cells and moisturises deep into the hoof for supplenes


The Hoof Repair Pack Valued at $44.95.


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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm