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Kiss Me Doggie Tea


Kiss Me Doggie Tea is an antibacterial and antimicrobial tea for dogs that improves doggie breath from the inside out.

The certified organic ingredients in Kiss Me tea work together to improve digestion to assist your furry friend’s canine halitosis (bad breath) and:

Improve digestion and nutrient absorption
Treat and prevent mouth ulcers and infections
Prevent gingivitis and bacteria multiplying in your dog’s mouth

Kiss Me tea ingredients:

Certified organic parsley, ginger root, dill, sage and peppermint leaves.

This tea is:

Certified Organic herbal tea
30g of loose leaf tea
Blended and packaged in Australia

How long will the tea last?

We recommend drinking Doggie Tea within 6 months of purchase to ensure your pup gets the most benefit from the herbal goodness. It can be drunk up to 12 months after purchase though.

Each bag contains 30 grams of loose leaf tea, which will make approximately 25 cups. Each blend has a different density which effects how much you will make.

Will my dog like Doggie Tea?

Some pups like it room temperature, some like it chilled, in ice cubes or with a little honey. We have only had around 2% feedback of dogs that just didn’t like the tea at all. Not all humans like caviar, so we can’t 100% guarantee your dog will love it, but it’s likely that if they don’t like it they will just prefer it served a different way!

Doggie Tea is made as simply as you would make a cup of tea for yourself; the only difference is it’s not served hot.

How to make Doggie Tea:

  1. Place 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea in a teacup. If you want to be really fancy, you can use an infuser.
  2. Seep in boiled water for 5 minutes
  3. Either place in the fridge/freezer until cool and serve with your pup’s favourite treat
  4. Alternatively you can dilute in more water, pour over food, make into ice-cubes

Read about how the ingredients of kiss me improve your dogs breath here
Always talk to your vet to determine any potential interactions with your dog’s medications.

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