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My Pet Sunblock


My Pet Sunblock is an all-natural sunscreen made from titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, that is fragrance and chemical-free!

It is safe for all animals.  Furthermore it is made with all natural non-irritating minerals, which have a natural affinity to the skin and can be applied dry or dampened to even sensitive body parts. Apply with enclosed applicator to any areas where sun protection is needed or use as a grooming aide for whitening and giving all day protection!

Great for use on Horses, Dogs, Cats, Cows and Pigs.  In addition good for all types of white-haired, pink unpigmented skin!

Daily application of minerals gives instant chemical-free protection that will last all day!

To use simply apply daily with a damp or dry sponge to external unpigmented areas.  (applicator included)

Stays on even after rain!

Previously called My pony Sunblock – Same great product suitable for all animals! (Mypet Sunblock / Mypony Sunblock)

6oz (170g)

Pop the top

Pat on your animal

Protect from UV Rays

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