Natural Animal Solutions Equine ItchyScratch


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Natural Animal Solutions Equine ItchyScratch is a totally natural spray for skin and hot spots!
Itching, scratching and biting are three of the most common symptoms facing horse owners today, which can leave your horse in serious discomfort.

Natural Animal Solutions® ItchyScratch for horses is a premium strength, fast acting spray, combining the finest ingredients into a unique formula for the equine market..

Clinically formulated for fast acting results without the nasty side-effects of cortisone and anti-biotics. ItchyScratch for horses is easy to use and safe for all skin types and conditions.

Give your horse welcome results today!

Key features of Natural Animal Solutions Equine ItchyScratch:

Hot spots
Mane and tail
Cortisone and antibiotic free
Scientifically developed for delicate skin
Suitable for horses, cattle, sheep and livestock of all ages
Weight: 500ml


Simply spray onto the affected area of the skin 1 to 4 times per day.
ItchyScratch can be diluted 1:1 with water if required

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