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Natural Prescription Diets for Dogs and Cats


Natural Prescription diets for dogs and cats by Dr Clare Middle contains real food recipes to prevent and heal disease naturally.

If you have a pet that is unwell or has had health issues, then this book is just what you’ve been looking for.

The recipes are healthier and less expensive than processed prescription diets.

All of the recipes have been carefully and professionally formulated according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

Read about natural recipes for cats with hyperthyroidism, kidney disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

Yin and Yang diets and discover your pet’s disease tendencies or patterns.

Includes blood deficiency diets and blood tonifying diets for liver, heart disease and anemia.

Read about case studies and Qi deficiency diets to help animals with cancer, arthritis, bladder stones, skin diseases and much more.

About the Author

Dr Clare Middle BVMS CVA CVH is an experienced veterinarian who has treated many thousands of dogs and cats in Perth, WA. For over 30 years, Dr Middle has been using acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs and natural diet to treat dogs and cats not helped by usual veterinary treatments. Dr Middle’s first book “Real food for dogs and cats” was published in 2008 and has sold over 10,000 copies.

Dr Middle has a certificate in Traditional Chinese Veterinary food therapy from the Chi Institute, USA. She has applied theory, together with recent science, to produce easy recipes which are  balanced to NRC Dog and Cat nutrition guidelines to help heal your unwell pet or to prevent future relapse of disease.

What other experts have said about Dr Middle

“Dr Clare Middle continues to be a leading source of information in all aspects of health and nutrition for our companion animals. She has always been on the cutting edge of new and important information regarding nutrition. If you want to know what nutrition researchers and scientists will think in ten years from now, just read what Dr middle has to say today.” Dr Bruce Ferguson DVM USA

“Dr Clare Middle is a leading light in the world of responsible raw feeding. We at the raw feeding vets society welcome her second book.” Dr Nick Thompson MRCVS President, raw feeding vets society.

“Dr Middle’s book provides a wealth of practical information on how to complement natural feeding of raw meaty bones with a variety of micronutrient sources to fine tune health of your companion animal. It should be a useful resource for dog and cat owners open to a healthier more natural diet for their pets”. Dr Richard Malik DVSc PhD FACVSC FASM University of Sydney.

Purchase this product now and earn 25 Points!
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