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PetzLife Complete Oral Care


PetzLife Complete Oral Care Spray and Gel work fast and naturally to help remove plaque and tartar on dogs and cats.

PetzLife Complete Oral Care is guaranteed to break down and dissolve existing plaque and tartar, work under the gum line to help heal gum tissue and kill the bacteria causing bad breath. So whether your pet has bad tartar build-up, has inflamed red gums, or just plain old stinky breathe PetzLife is your solution!

You may be wondering which is best for your pet, the spray or gel? Both work equally as well, it really depends on your comfort level working with your pet.

The secret? A proprietary blend of grapefruit seed extract and other natural herbs and ingredients produce a safe and effective oral care maintenance program, especially for senior pets. No Brushing Required!

Available in either:

Peppermint (Original) Gel 113g

Salmon Gel 113g

Oral Care Spray (Peppermint) 118ml

* The Salmon gel is ideal for use on finicky dogs and for all cats.


To remove buildup, apply twice daily until plaque and tartar has dissolved. (Noticeable results in 30 days).

As a preventative, apply 2-3 times per week (can be used daily).

Spray Doses:

Pet Under 5kg – 2-3 Sprays
Pet 6-15kg – 3-4 Sprays

Pet 16-30kg – 4-5 Sprays

Large Breeds – 5-6 Sprays

Gel Doses:

Pet Under 5kg – 1/8 tsp

Pet 6-15kg – 1/3 tsp

Pet 16-30kg – 1/2 tsp

Large Breeds – 1 tsp


Gel Tips: Apply gel onto fingers and wipe onto the animals teeth and gums. Even wiping on the outside of your animals lips will do the trick as they will naturally want to lick it off. For cats, you may dab gel on top of their paw as they will lick it off as well.

Spray Tips: For best results, hold animals lip up and spray directly onto the gum line. Do not worry if you cannot spray gum line directly as the product will still work with the saliva as the animal licks it around.

Brushing is not necessary, but brushing in between applications speeds up the process. If your pet pulls back during the application, do not be alarmed as they are just not used to the taste.

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For more advanced cases try double strength VetzLife Oral Care.


Earn up to 40 Points.

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