SHEVEGA Canine Premium Multivitamin Supplement


Shevega products are premium quality vegan dog and puppy supplements. They are formulated and recommended by a vet nutritionist. Shevega supplements when mixed in a plant homemade food for dogs or in the mixture of homemade and kibble/wet food, will make vegan dog food complete and balanced.

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SHEVEGA Canine Premium Multivitamin Supplement provides anti-inflammatory nutrients for your pet to prevent inflammatory gastro-intestinal diseases and skin inflammations. Contains anti-inflammatory and intestine soothing healing herbs and high-quality Omega 3 (DHA and EPA) plant-based oils.  Over 30 ingredients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, prebiotics, and healing herbs as well as anti-inflammatory omega 3 oils and turmeric. All needed for the optimal health of dogs on 100% vegan diets.

SHEVEGA Canine Premium Multivitamin Supplement helps complete and balance 100% plant (vegan) dog food, homemade or a mix of homemade and kibble/wet. The majority of vegan dogs/puppies are on the mixture of homemade plant food and kibble/wet food and they require supplements.


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