Hemp Hulls and Hearts


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Stance Hemp Hulls and Hearts


Stance Hemp Hulls and Hearts are cracked hemp hulls and kernels for horses.  Contains Omega 3, fibre and over 20% oil.  It has superior amino acids and may support joint function.  Australian grown and processed.

Stance Hemp Hulls and Hearts Feeding Guide:

Feeding Rate Grams Per Day Cups Per Day
Maintenance 100 – 200 g 1 – 2 cups
Performance 200 – 400 g 2 – 4 cups

1 cup = 100g of Hemp Hulls and Hearts

Based on a 500kg horse

Introduce slowly into the diet over a period of 2 weeks

May contain traces of THC.

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What are Hemp Hulls and Hearts?

Hemp hulls are the shell of the hemp heart/seed that remains after the seed has been extracted. During the de-hulling process a certain percent (approx. 20%) of the seed remains, resulting in this blended Hemp Hulls and Hearts product.

They are an excellent source of fibre and amino acids, and provide the essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6.
Hemp in the human market is fast becoming established as a super food and has been used in food, tea and medicine in China for at least 3000 years.

May be used for the alleviation of: Skin allergies and sarcoids, circulation and blood flow, inflammation of joints and muscles in horses, livestock and companion animals.


100% Australian grown and processed Hemp Hulls


“I run a Horse Agistment business outside Brisbane,and have had over two hundred horses go through over the last 10 years. In all the time I have been here we have struggled with Queensland itch horses when they come through. I have fed and washed horses with everything going, and nothing ever seemed to work. If you are super vigilant and rug constantly using ear protect fly mask and covering with invasive pesticides….you MIGHT have half a chance. Well…. I have started using a Hemp Hull and Hearts (HHH), from Stance, and the results speak for themselves. Here’s a picture of Molly who is an extreme itch case.
This is without having any fly mask on at all after a month. She has no bites anywhere at the moment, and the only thing different is the mix. All those black marks are where she is usually raw. I have been through so many rugs and fly masks it’s ridiculous. Final words…..give it a go”
Judy Motion, Copperfield Stables, 2019

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