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TuffRock Poultice is the world’s first energised volcanic poultice.

TuffRock operates in the global animal health markets developing and manufacturing effective, natural and safe volcanic products. In these products, the energy contained within volcanic minerals is harnessed to achieve revolutionary results.

There are no drugs, chemicals, biotics, enzymes or heavy metals used in their products.  This makes them unique in delivering effective results, without the risk of animals developing resistance against them.

People in racing & equestrian across three continents have described it as the best product they have seen in their lifetime.

Great for use on horse’s and dog’s legs or other areas as required!

Directions & Dosage:

All natural TuffRock Poultice can be applied to injuries or swellings. Simply apply 5mm layer onto area required. No need to bandage. Rinses off easily with water.

A truly great product!

1.8kg tubs


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 20 cm

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  1. Ann

    My labrador had a weeping sore on his back leg. Vet had him on antibiotics for 2 weeks. I bathed and cleaned the sore 3 times a day. Infection did not go away. Kept bathing for another 2 weeks – didn’t want to give him anymore drugs but still no improvement. Then I was given a sample of this product from one of the guys at work. I used it (put the mud on sore, covered with damp paper towel, wrapped in cling wrap & light bandage). Changed bandage after 24hrs – looked good – redid – another 24 hrs, infection completely gone AND NO MORE DRUGS – whole area very healthy now. Would recommend without hesitation.

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