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Vegan Dog Support Pack


Vegan Dog Support Pack contains supplements and information to help ensure your dog is getting all the essential nutrients on a plant-based diet.

The pack contains the following:

  • 50g L-Carnitine Powder Supplement
  • 100g Taurine Powder Supplement
  • 200g Natural Animal Solutions Organic Calcium
  • 100 Tab Thompson’s B Complex
  • Samples of Vegan dog food such as Veganpet and V-Planet Kibble or Vet’s All Natural Complete Mix (depending on availability)
  • Vegan info sheet and recipes

How long will the pack last me?

This will depend on the size of your pet. Dosage is given grams so each product will last a reasonable amount of time depending on the frequency of dosing and the amount used. To view the dosage amount follow the link to each product below:


Taurine Powder

Nature’s Organic Calcium

Thompson’s B Complex

We recommend purchasing the pack initially.   Then once you start using the products you will get an idea how long each item will last. Then you may re-order replacements individually if required.

Vegan Dog Support Pack Optional Extras:


Greenpet Essentials for an additional nutritional boost

Hemp Elixir or Flaxseed Oil for essential fatty acids

Kelp (seaweed meal) contains a wealth of minerals and vitamins

Dolomite Powder is a good source of calcium and magnesium

Supa-Greens is rich in chlorophyll and vitamins and minerals

For more information on the above supplements and how to feed your dog a vegan/vegetarian diet, please read our article or contact the clinic.


*Suitable for dogs only

Purchase this product now and earn 55 Points!


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