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Vets All Natural Health Chews: Skin Support


Vets all natural health chews: Skin Support are a tasty nutritional supplement to support healthy skin, immune system and digestion.  pack size: 270g


• Kangaroo • Liver • Prebiotic • Flax meal
• Colostrum • Grape seed • Astragalus • Whole herbs

Prebiotics support healthy immune system and digestion.
Omega 3 & 6 for healthy and shiny skin and coat.
Antioxidants support cellular health.
B2 & B6 vitamins support healthy skin.
Vitamin C supports collagen and skin condition.
Zinc maintains the integrity of skin.
Niacin assists skin vitality.

Suggested Offering:

Dog Weight:    Up to 5kg       6-25g             Over 25kg
Daily:               ½ to 1 chew   1 to 2 chews   2 to 4 chews
Approx 2-3 months’ supply for small dog; 1-2 months’ supply for medium dog; 2-4 weeks’ supply for large dog.
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