Vitaklenz Detox Recharge 90 Day Program 1


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Vitaklenz Detox Recharge 90 Day Program


Contains 1 bottle of Vitaklenz and 2 bottles of Vitaklenz Recharge

90 day supply: First month: Vitaklenz. Second and third months: Vitaklenz Recharge

  • Vitaklenz is a blend of herbs traditionally used in Asia, Europe, America & India to control unhealthy organisms such as worms, and to support a healthy digestive system.
  • Vitaklenz Recharge is a probiotic super food containing 14 beneficial cultures and 18 fermented grains and wholefoods

Great as an ongoing program to maintain wellness. Repeat every 3 months or as necessary.

Contains a 1-month continuous course of Vitaklenz, followed by 2 months of Vitaklenz Recharge.

How do I use the Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program?

Start your course of Vitaklenz Recharge 2 days prior to finishing your Vitaklenz. Despite a small 2 day overlap, it is not necessary to take Vitaklenz and Vitaklenz Recharge simmultaneously.

Purchase this product now and earn 136 Points!
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