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ZIWI Peak Daily Cat Air Dried Cuisine

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ZIWI Peak Daily Cat Air Dried Cuisine is a natural food your cat will love.  Now in 1kg bags (except Venison).

At the heart of what we do is our hands-on, artisanal approach to air-drying. A modern and refined twist on the centuries-old technique of naturally preserving meats. This slow, gentle, twin-stage process eliminates pathogenic bacteria, such as salmonella and listeria, while protecting the nutrients in our ingredients.

As obligate carnivores, cats require diets rich in animal-based protein and low in carbohydrates. Our air-dried recipes are 96% meat, organs and bone.  Including 3% green-lipped mussel for natural glucosamine and chondroitin, and 7% species-specific tripe for added palatability and digestive benefits.

All ZIWI Peak Daily Cat Air Dried Cuisine recipes are high in natural protein and kilocalories, packing more power than raw food and kibble, so you feed smaller quantities per day!

Not only do you feed less, you can feel good about not including grains, potatoes, corn, wheat, soy, sugars and glycerins in your cat’s diet.

Mackerel & Lamb

A perfect blend of wild-caught New Zealand Blue Mackerel, free-range, grass-fed Lamb and Green Mussel. Complete and balanced for all breeds and life stages.


Gently air-dried free-range New Zealand chicken for cats of all breeds and life stages.


New Zealand free-range, grass-fed Venison. Complete and balanced for all breeds and life stages.


New Zealand free-range, grass-fed Lamb. Complete and balanced for all breeds and life stages.


New Zealand free-range, grass-fed beef. Complete and balanced for all breeds and life stages.

To determine the recommended daily feeding amount of ZIWI Peak Daily Cat Air Dried Cuisine for your pet, please use the calculator.

Please note the feeding calculator is based on the average cat or dog, and does not take into account the breed, age, or natural metabolism of your pet. You should always monitor your pet’s weight and adjust the feeding amount if you find they are losing or gaining weight. This Calculator uses the latest nutritional data, and may differ slightly from pack guidelines. We recommend you consult your vet for an accurate daily calorie requirement, and refer to the labeling on the pack for accurate calorie information.

We also stock ZIWI Peak Wet Cat Food.


Earn up to 74 Points.

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  1. Melony

    I got a bag of this to try for those time when I haven’t defrosted a bag of raw food in time. My cats generally won’t eat any processed foods but they loved this. I’m placing a second order now so that I always have a bag or two on hand for meals and the occasional treat.

  2. Noreen

    My 2 cats have been fed raw, preservative free food all their lives. Nevertheless they are so-oo particular about what they eat, so they occasionally have to wait, (unwillingly) while their food defrosts. I was not prepared to buy yet another dried food product until I had tested the water – or rather, the feline tastebuds. I was given a sample pack from Greenpet and it was eaten in a flash. I shall most certainly keep a supply of this on hand.

  3. Teena (verified owner)

    My cats love Ziwipeak, they have been on it for 2 years now and have never been healthier. Everything healthwise functions properly and makes it a much nicer home when everyone is happy. My cats eat a variety of the wet dry Ziwipeak and also raw food, they are incredibly content.

    I recently started purchasing it from Greenpet and I must say they delivery time was remarkable. Very happy long term customer here 🙂

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