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ZIWI Peak Dog Treats – 85g


ZIWI Peak Dog Treats – 85g.  100% naturally air-dried meat treats for your dog.

Flavour choices:

Venison, Lamb and Beef (min. 90% meat).

ZIWI Peak treats also contains Lecithin, Inulin from Chicory, Fish Oil and Parsley.

Naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols.

A great healthy snack for your dog (or cat) that they will love!

Benefits of ZIWI Peak Dog Treats:

  • Air-dried to retain nutrients which makes them a great compliment to a raw food diet
  • Preservative free
  • Natural ingredients

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Earn up to 13 Points.


  1. Christine

    Our furry kids enjoy their ZiwiPeak treats. And we are happy to give them healthy snacks.

  2. Vally

    I got a sample with another order and Bingo loved them, so I ordered a venison and fish pack. My dog currently requires ongoing visits to the vet which he hates. As soon as we arrive, he parks himself under the chairs not to budge. I have to drag him out when we’re called. Lately, I’ve been taking these treats with me and as soon as he’s hidden under the chairs, I’ve been getting these treats out. He’ll come out for these and then sits at my feet while we wait (probably not waiting for the vet but for more treats). He obviously loves them. Of course he doesn’t only get them when we go to the vets. I’m also very careful with what he’s fed and so I love the fact that these have no preservatives, colours, salt or sugar.

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