Rejuvenate your Dog with Hemp oil Elixir! 09/04/2019

What is Hemp Oil Elixir?

Canine Hemp Oil Elixir is a rejuvenation formula made of pure and unrefined hemp seed oil. This elixir is a thicker, more concentrated oil that contains a higher Omega-3 content, more fatty acids and a higher protein concentration than Canine Hemp Oil. Providing a natural nutrient boost, this product is perfect for giving your dog the extra edge they need to get through their day.

What is Hemp Oil Elixir used for?
Just about everything! This formula is designed for dogs that need a little extra loving in their daily life.

Does your elderly dog suffer from arthritis or joint pains? Perhaps you have a rowdy pup that’s a little too playful and has inflamed their joints. Or you need something to give your working dog some more support in limbs that work endlessly – this Rejuvenation Formula is for you! With a higher concentration of Omega-3’s, and more Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) than regular Canine Hemp Oil, this elixir is targeted specifically to fight inflammation. Adding Hemp Oil Elixir to your dog’s feed will help to soothe sore joints and help reduce the effects of arthritis.

Do you have a dog that seems itchy no matter what you try? Rubbing his or herself raw, constantly licking and chewing at their skin, coming up with an itchy red rash? The same anti-inflammatory properties will assist in healing and soothing skin conditions and irritations, giving your dog relief from their endless scratching.

Does your dog have a dull or rough coat? Constantly shedding hair everywhere? Losing fur in places?
The concentration of protein in this Hemp Oil Elixir works to repair and grow hair cells and strengthen and revitalise the coat. Adding this to your dog’s feed will have them sleek, shiny and looking as great as they feel!

If your dog suffers from gastrointestinal issues, has an upset tummy or is prone to conditions that affect the digestive system, adding Hemp Oil Elixir to their feed can help to soothe and repair damaged cells in their gut. Essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties help to support the entire digestive system and keep your dog feeling great on the inside and the out!

How is the Elixir different from regular Hemp Oil? 

You will notice that the Hemp Oil Elixir is thicker than Hemp Oil – this is because it is a concentrated version of the oil that hasn’t gone through the entire refining process. The extra protein has not yet been extracted – making the Elixir a little cloudier and thicker than oil, but also a little more concentrated and able to deliver a nutrient dense boost of vitality to your dog!

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