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Solutions for Anxiety and Stress

Your animal’s behaviour is the best indicator if they are suffering from anxiety or stress. They tell us a lot by their actions, their physiological responses, and sometimes by the “evidence” they’ve left while you’ve been at work.

Some dogs howl all day long when left home alone.

Dogs or cats that feel threatened may show aggressive behaviour towards other animals as a way of protecting themselves.

Loud noises from fireworks, storms and thunder may cause some pets to become totally panic stricken.

Some animals will destroy furniture, scratch up the place or relieve themselves when experiencing extreme anxiety. Panting, drooling, whining and fretting are all indicators.

HomeoPet has a range of formulas to help combat anxiety in specific situations and for general conditions. Designed by vets, each product has a broad-spectrum formula that alleviates the many underlying contributors to different types of anxiety and stress.

Homeopathic Solutions

STORM STRESS is the HomeoPet product designed specifically for loud noises, changes in barometric pressure, and the wild lightning, thunder, wind and rain of storms. This formula helps promote a sense of calm quickly and effectively, when given four times an hour until the pet’s behaviour changes.

TRAVEL ANXIETY is the HomeoPet answer to motion sickness, drooling, vomiting, panting, restlessness and other unwanted behaviour during any sort of travel, including car trips and at holiday time. Fast-acting, its’ best to start giving your pet TRAVEL ANXIETY an hour before the trip.

ANXIETY is for general anxious conditions. This formulation is designed to help with separation anxiety, fear of vet visits or groomer, introduction of new pets or people, and to help rescued or re-homed pets, and other general causes for anxiety.

HomeoPet founder and veterinarian Dr Tom Farrington, designed each product to be chosen simply and quickly by matching its name to the conditions shown by your pet. All HomeoPet products are non-drowsy and non-habit forming. There are no side effects and all HomeoPet products can be used safely in combination with each other or any pharmaceutical or natural products with safety.

HomeoPet’s behavioural range has a 78% efficacy rating which is extremely high.

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