If you are seeking training in holistic animal health care, animal herbal medicine or animal nutrition, we recommend the online courses offered through the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation: www.hato.com.au

HATO Approved Courses

HATO provides online courses in animal nutrition (Certificate in Animal Nutrition), holistic animal health (Diploma in Holistic Animal Health) and herbal animal medicine (Diploma in Animal Herbal Medicine). 

HATO is Australia’s leading course provider in holistic animal health care, animal herbal medicine and animal nutrition for animals! 


Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year for January and July intakes. Early applications will help ensure you secure a place in the next course. 

Courses in Animal Nutrition

Please refer below for course details on the Certificate in Animal Nutrition

Once you graduate from this course you can join HATO as an Animal Nutritionist! 

To find out more, please email HATO for a Course Prospectus at: info@hato.com.au

Courses in Holistic Animal Therapies 

Please refer below for course details on the Diploma in Holistic Animal Health. 

Once you graduate from this course you can join HATO as a Holistic Animal Health Practitioner! 

To find out more, please email HATO for a Course Prospectus at: info@hato.com.au 

NEW Course in Herbal Animal Medicine!

The NEW Diploma in Animal Herbal Medicine will take you on a fascinating journey into the naturopathic philosophy of animal health care and treating dogs, cats and horses with safe and effective plant remedies! πŸŒΏπŸƒ

True animal wellness is fundamentally a way of life and we teach you the essential elements that are needed for optimum wellbeing! 

There are NO prerequisites – so even if you have never studied before, you can enroll in the Diploma in Animal Herbal Medicine and learn powerful strategies to help restore health and wellness in pets! 

The Diploma in Animal Herbal Medicine is a part-time, online course that will suit anyone seeking to learn the principles of natural animal health care and herbal medicines that are suitable for dogs, cats and horses.

This comprehensive, evidence-based course will show you how to prepare herbs for therapeutic use – right through to treating animal conditions with botanical medicines. 

You will then have the knowledge to choose the right herbs in the right amounts for dogs, cats and horses and you will understand how to prepare them in the best possible ways for your animal patients.

You will also find out the root causes of illness and the key principals involved in preventing disease and premature death in animals – and the course materials will be yours to keep for life!

Become empowered with knowledge so you can help much-loved pets achieve optimum wellbeing with medicinal plants and wholesome foods πŸŒ±πŸ‚

If you have always wanted to help pets heal and recover from illnesses with medicinal herbs and nutrient-dense, wholesome diets, now is the time to take the next step! πŸŒ±πŸ±πŸΆπŸ΄

The new Diploma in Animal Herbal Medicine is 100% online so no attendances will be required and you can fit study in with your work commitments. πŸ’»πŸŒ 

There are NO exams or short deadlines so you can learn in a relaxed manner, without stress!

When you enroll in the Diploma in Animal Herbal Medicine, we will provide you with a vast amount of knowledge in our exclusive herbal materia medica β€“ which covers safe and effective therapeutic plant remedies for animals and their correct dosages.

This extensive, science-based course will provide you with skills and knowledge that can be used forever to help pets achieve and maintain optimum wellness!

You will also learn about nutritionally-balanced, wholesome diets and you will find out the nutrient requirements for dogs, cats and horses and some of the best sources of these nutrients!  

In addition, you will learn how to perform a holistic animal health assessment; critical insights into epigenetics and which nutrients and herbs have been scientifically proven to prevent and treat certain diseases in animals; the best ways to apply first aid in emergency situations, and much, much more!!!

If you would love to find out how to care for animals with plant medicines and nutrient-dense diets, this course may be just what you’ve been waiting for! πŸ±πŸΆπŸ΄

Once you graduate from this course you can join HATO as an Animal Herbalist! 

We look forward to welcoming you to our community soon!