Why do dogs eat grass?

If you’ve ever wondered…. Why do dogs eat grass? Well, there are a few reasons and we have outlined some of the common reasons below:

1.. Dogs may eat grass to purge their system

Dogs will occasionally eat large amounts of grass to make themselves throw up. If they seek out any type of grass or weeds frantically then this is most often due to –

·         Gastrointestinal upset

·         Nausea

·         Gas or bloating

·         They have eaten something they shouldn’t have

·         A virus or bacteria

After they consume a large amount of grass, they will vomit. It’s completely normal for your dog to vomit occasionally, like one or two times a year. In most cases it’s nothing to worry about as your dog knows what’s best especially if they’ve eaten something that could be toxic or making them unwell.

2.. Dogs may eat grass because they want to

If your dog is very selectively picking out certain grasses and uses his front teeth to nibble and eat them. If they are not frantic and doing it almost with intention selecting a few grasses without vomiting, then this is most likely because they want to eat it. Some dogs may also eat grass because they are bored.

3.. Your dog may be seeking nutrients from grass

Grass contains fibre or roughage and phytonutrients and is high in potassium and chlorophyll.  Grasses are also a pretty good source of digestive enzymes. So, your dog could be seeking out selective grasses to make up for one of these nutritional components that they’re currently not getting in their diet.

Eating grass is a normal dog behaviour and they instinctively know what they need to consume.  So, it’s important to recognize that you don’t have to prevent your dogs from eating grass unless you have treated the grass with pesticides, herbicides or chemicals.

What should you do if your dog eats grass often?

If your dog is eating grass on a frequent basis then you should look at their diet, as frequent gastrointestinal upset is a sign that something is wrong with the food that you’re feeding.

It may be a great quality or expensive food that your dog has been eating for years. But if your dog begins vomiting up grass or food weekly or more, this is not normal so best to take steps to change their diet.

So if you have a grass munching pooch at home and you’ve been curious as to why do dogs eat grass?

Below are some natural options to help improve your dog’s digestive function –

Avoid processed foods and change to a FRESH FOOD diet

Synbiotic enzymes & probiotics may help improve digestive function & help restore healthy intestinal flora

HomeoPet Digestive Plus is a homeopathic remedy to help digestive function