About Us

aboutGreenpet was started in 2000 by Julie and Dom Massoni. We are located in Verrierdale on Qld’s beautiful Sunshine Coast (between Peregian Beach and Doonan).

We are open to the public Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm and online orders or consultations are available 24/7.

Julie Massoni is a qualified naturopath who specializes in animal health. Julie has been working as an animal naturopath for over 20 years.

We are constantly adding to our range of products and search all over Australia and overseas for the finest natural products to help improve the health of your animals.

We do not use anything that contains preservatives, artificial ingredients or other nasties and our products are tested on humans, not animals.

Greenpet does not use, or stock any products that involve animal testing or cruelty in any way.

We are committed to supplying the highest quality natural products for all animals. Our aim is to provide a one-stop-shop for all things natural for animals.

We stock a huge range of natural remedies and supplements as well as skincare and much more.

Greenpet also provides a range of services including naturopathic consultations, animal communication, bio-compatibility testing, hair mineral analysis and much more.

Our Team


Position: Business Owner and Naturopath

Julie is a qualified Naturopath who has been working as an animal naturopath since 1995. Julie grew up on a small farm in Victoria surrounded by various animals – horses, dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, cows, chooks, geese and ducks, even a few rescued joeys (kangaroos) that became much loved companions. After studying and working as a human naturopath in Darwin NT, she moved to QLD and started Greenpet with her husband.

Julie has appeared on Channel 10’s ‘Totally Wild’ program, with radio interviews across Australia, she has also written many articles for newspapers and magazines on natural health for animals.


  • Diploma of Naturopathy – QINS 1991
  • Diploma in Nutrition – QINS 1991
  • Diploma in Iridology – QINS 1991
  • Certificate in Aromatherapy – Aust. Health Education Centre 1988
  • Certificate in Natural Animal Medicine – Wiccan HSC 1996
  • Diploma in Therapeutic Massage – Darwin School of Natural healing 1992
  • Advanced course Neuro Stress Release – NSR 2003
  • Certificate 1 in Animal Communicaton – Australian College of Natural Animal Medicine 2003

Hometown: Moorooduc Vic

Current Town: Verrierdale Qld

Pets: One very cute little dog, (maltese x poodle) named Roxy, 2 hens (Maggie & Suzie), two miniature horses (Mista and Tilly) and 2 Quarter horses (Bailey and Dash).

Interests: Married with two adult children and I love spending my spare time with family and our horses. I enjoy trail riding and CTR’s (competitive trail riding) and love my job as I find it very rewarding.

Dom MassoniDom

Position: Business Owner & Warehouse Manager

Hometown: Born in France and lived in Paris before relocating to Australia in 1982.

Current Town: Sunshine Coast Qld

Pets:  (same as above)

About Moi: You’ve heard the saying “Behind every great woman (Julie), there is a greater man.” (Me, of course! Ha ha ha!) Even so, I would like to be known as the CEO and Production Manager of Greenpet. I am mainly referred to as the ‘Box Boy’ as I am also responsible for sending the orders out. Our loyal customers and wonderful staff make working at Greenpet a treat! I take a lot of pride and satisfaction in knowing that our Greenpet products have improved the health of thousands of pets around Australia and beyond.

Besides work, I like nothing more than listening to loud rock & blues music, the odd game of golf and watching our son playing sport.

Priscilla and BasilPriscilla

Position: Receptionist/Admin Assistant

Hometown: Mackay, Nth Qld

Current Town: Buderim, Sunshine Coast

Pets: I have a 13 year old rescue dog, Basil. He’s a silky terrier x jack russell and treated just like my first born child!  Also have a 9 year old Devon Rex  – Arrow. I have also have 6 chickens – Frida, Francine, Felicia, Fenella, Glitter and Sparkle who gift our family with beautiful eggs everyday.

Interests:  I’m a massive animal-lover and have a particular interest in animal rescue.  There are so many lost or rejected animals out there who need a loving home.  I also enjoy cooking, reading, yoga and pilates.


Position: Production Assistant

Hometown: Brisbane, Qld

Current Town: Bli Bli, Sunshine Coast

Pets: We have a black and white cat who loves egg cartons, 2 huskies who shed enough to fill a mattress every week, and 1 spotted gar fish who likes to leap out of his tank like a dophin. Add 3 grown human children to the mix and we are complete!

Interests: I enjoy reading, food, history, long walks, the beach, family, animals, and jewellery making with gemstones. 


Position: Receptionist/Admin Assistant

Hometown: Maleny, Sunshine Coast

Current Town: Coolum Beach, QLD 

Pets: We currently don’t have any pets but I absolutely love snuggles and plays with all animals. We cannot wait to add a special pooch to our family soon.

Interests: I love adventures and play outside with my son and we love living and exploring the Sunshine Coast. I absolutely love horses and you can find me around them where ever I can. I appreciate nature and the fresh country air. 



Position: Admin/Warehouse Assistant

Hometown: Gold Coast, Qld

Current Town: Mothar Mountain, Sunshine Coast

Pets: I have 3 Italian Greyhounds; Jake, Chyna and Daphne. 3 Horses; Edith, Pav and Teddy. 4 Cows; Barbie and her daughter Cindy, Charmaine and Rusty the bull! 4 Chickens; Thelma, Sia, Norah and Celeste. 

Interests: I live for riding and being with my horses; so anything to do with them. I love Feldenkrais, doing Pilates, Gardening (especially mowing) and generally spending time with my husband and all our animals on our farm. 


Position: Receptionist/Office & Warehouse Assistant

Hometown: Sussex, England

Current Town: Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast

Pets: My fur baby CC is the most beautiful blue merle sheltie with stunning blue eyes. Yes, we all sleep in the same bed!

Interests: I love animals and I love to sing. I have a passion project called Dangerous Song – this is a response to the extinction crisis we are in. I also love traditional beading, mindfulness and long walks on the beach with my two loves – CC and JRay.




How cute am I?

Little Roxy is 13 years young and weighs only 2.5kg.

She is our trusty watchdog, and lets us know when anyone comes into the office.

She also enjoys showing off her repertoire of tricks – Stay, sit, lie down, spin, dance, roll over and ‘bang bang’ (playing dead)!



camera 112


Mista is a miniature horse and is not only the cutest little fellow, he loves to give you a head rub if you scratch his chest. He has trouble keeping his figure in shape due to his love for eating 24/7.




Tilly is another super-cute miniature horse and is Mista’s best friend. She also loves her food and struggles to keep her tummy-line trim, especially when she constantly steels food from Mista.




Dash is a beautiful QH mare that is 23 years young, and is a very kind and gentle soul.




Phoenix is a wild peacock that wandered onto our property a few years ago and decided to stay. He trusts us and feels safe here now and although we can’t touch him, he loves to sit close to us if we are outside. If we leave a door open, he comes into the house any chance he gets.